Summary: On the seventh time, Jesus showed up and the walls of sin came down. He said " It is finished"

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Joshua 6: 1 - 9

In Joshua chapter six, the number seven means so much to me; it means the seven unique saying of Jesus. Mat. 27: 46 “Why has thou forsaken me” Luke 23: 34 “Father forgive them” Luke 23: 43 “Thou shall be with me in paradise” Luke 23: 46 “Into thy hands I commend my spirit” John 19: 26 “Woman behold thy son” John 19: 28 “I thirst” and John 19: 30 “It is finished” the lord spoke to Joshua. He says Jericho is yours and the king and the mighty men of valour.

Jericho is shut up because of Israel; know body is going out, and know body is coming in when the lord gave Jericho to Joshua; he gave Israel the victory but they have work to do, and it wasn’t difficult; there was no planning involved. All they had to do was compass the city round about once for six days. The seventh saying of Jesus was “It is finished” the seven priests with the rams horns are the last saying of Jesus.

Seven is the number of completion, the sins of the world or Jericho the wall of sin has been brought down on the seventh day when Israel compass the city round about on the seventh day and the priest blew their trumpets. We have to blast the name of Jesus, and when we hear this name it’s time to shout with a great shout. The walls of sin shall fall flat; we will ascend up in victory before Jesus on the seventh day.

We are going to have to take up the last saying of Jesus “It is finished” we got to pass it on, and if you’re armed you got to pass it on. The wall of sin has been brought down. Sin is not blocking our way anymore; it is finished “Cry aloud spare not lift up your voices like trumpet and show my people their transgression and the house of Jacob their sins.” Pass on, we got to pass on for Jesus; we got to pass on before the word of God

Trumpets have to keep blasting with shouting; we going to keep Jesus lifted up, goodness and mercy shall follow us all the days of our life. Jesus follows behind those that praise him, and he inhabit the praises of his people; in the midst of us, he is when we gather in his name

When the roads get dark, he’ll be a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path; the United States military goes before us and we’re behind them praising our God and his name is still Jesus. As we keep Jesus lifted up those that are behind see the light and find their way, and we got to keep passing on.

Sometime we have to stop shouting; sometime we have to be silent and study to be quite; this is a joyful ride. Shout when the lord tell you shout; you’ll know!

There comes a time that Jesus takes us places and we have to lodge there in the camp; Jesus don’t want us to be so spiritual until we’re no earthly good. It’s alright to go out and meet people and have a good time but know your adversary is going too and forth seeking who he may devour

We got to learn how to be still and know that Jesus is God; we gone carry Jesus everywhere we go. Some of us go places that others don’t go, if you don’t go places that I don’t go and I don’t go places where you don’t go make sure wherever we go to carry Jesus.

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