Summary: You have been grafted into this relationship with God. Thank God for the solider that pierced him in His side.

“The Significance of Relationship”


John 15:1-5 & 15

 Every facet in life from nature, the ecological structure, to human development all have one thing in common “Relationship”, there is a song that says “My Relationship with you is all the world to me.”, it goes on to say that “You are my joy, my peace, my happiness, my relationship with you is all the world to me.”

 We find in our text Jesus is talking to the disciples in one of the final messages before the fulfillment of prophecy “The Crucifixion”. He was imparting unto them word that would prepare them for the afflictions they would receive in days to come. Understand it takes a lot of word in you to be able to face the afflictions the devil is about to bombard you with in days to come. Jesus was conveying unto them the significance of the relationship between them and the father. He was drilling in them the understanding that they were no longer of this world and because they were not of this world that the world would turn against them just has they would turn against Jesus and they would even lose their lives because of the relationship they had with him. He was preparing them, because he knew that they would face beatings, hangings, crucifixion, and the gallows, because of their relationship with him. He understood that it took a special word in them to be able to face these things and still be able to hold on to God’s unchanging hand.

 Whenever you stand and proclaim the name of Jesus. Whenever you profess to be saved and live for God, what you do is sign your name to Hell’s hit-list and when you do that you gotta have the word in you and not just on you. It takes a real word and real anointing, not that cute little practiced Sunday morning anointing, but a deeply rooted in your heart anointing. That’s why it’s so imperative that the children of God to get out of the mind-set that as long as I go to church on Sunday I’ll be alright, and realize that in order to have a true relationship with God and be able to stand against the attacks of the devil they must make Bible Class and Sunday School so that the word may get deep in you, that it feels every crack and cranny of your heart, that you become so full of your destiny because when circumstances challenge your faith you are able to know with assurity your destiny and are able to say “Neither height nor depth, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come shall be able to separate me from the Love of God.” You know that your faith is grounded in the word and is not just a feeling of emotions, you truly understand your relationship with God.

 We need to understand the significance of Relationship. How one thing relates to another has the entire world to do with function & productivity. You cannot have reproduction where there is no relationship. Jesus begins to tell the disciples about relationship in the 1st part of this chapter in order to bring them to reproduction at the end.

Jesus says in verse 5: “ I am the vine, ye are the branches:…” (RELATIONSHIP)

*** If you don’t understand your relationship, your place in God, you’ll find yourself trying to do what only God can do. Many people in church today are confused, messed-up, discouraged, depressed, unable to praise God the way they are supposed to because they are spending all of their energy trying to be their own god. They are trying to bless themselves, heal themselves, promote themselves, climb the latter of success themselves, trying to solve their own problems, answer their own prayers, trying to cover up for God, because they feel as if he’s not doing it fast enough, trying to make God look good through their own human efforts and it cannot be done.

He said “I am the vine, ye are the branches.” All you gotta do is stay connected. All you gotta do is trust me to give you what you need. I will supply all your needs not according to your circumstances, not according to your time line, but according to my riches in glory. The important thing is we have a godly connection, not with church, but with God. Many people are so connected with church, not the organism but the organization, the flow, the position, that they are not connected with God. They are like Saul more worried about the position, about who did what or who was doing what, who was going to shine or be promoted, when we need to be more like David who was more concerned with the presence of the Lord than anything else.

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