Summary: To be a part of God's family we all need to trace our spiritual heritage back to Abraham, but calling Abraham our father is also not enough. Jesus connects us to Abraham and gives us faith.

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Matthew 1:1b

Name Above All Names - Son of Abraham

In the weeks leading up to Christmas we're looking at a series of under the general title of “Name above all Names.” This series focuses on the titles of Jesus that come up in the New Testament, from the time from before he was born, to the time of his circumcise. Today as we continue we're going to focus on Jesus who is the son of Abraham.

This title is in Matthew 1:1 … which we also looked at last week because this verse also has the title of Jesus being the son of David. Today we want to look at Jesus as the son of Abraham.

Matthew 1:1 describes the genealogy of Jesus Christ and tells us said that he is, “the son of David, the son of Abraham.”

Matthew’s account of who Jesus is, and Jesus' lineage, starts with his genealogy. Which means that the name of Abraham is really important in understanding who Jesus is and what Jesus has done.

To understand who Abraham is we go back almost the very beginning of the Bible to Genesis 12. We're going to read various sections from the early part of Genesis. Genesis 1 to 11 is the section that talks about creation and the flood and the tower of Babel. Genes12 is the Call of Abraham which, in many ways, is the beginning of the nation of Israel. The nation that is set aside by God. Let’s read Genesis 12:1-4 (read)

So Abraham is 75 years old when God first comes to him and He makes His great promises.

You will be a great nation.

You will have a great name.

You will be a blessing to other nations.

Now move forward just a couple of chapters to chapter 15.

We are reading Genesis 15:1-6 (read)

Abraham, who is living in faith, still has no children but is believing that this promise is going to come to fruition.

Go a bit further down to verse 18-20 of the same chapter (Read Genesis 15:18-20)

So this promise of the land is that a physical nation is going to be established in a place where God's people are eventually going to live. The promises keep building. Then we get to Genesis chapter 17:1-11 (read)

Then the rest of the story unfolds and everyone in Abraham's household who is a male is circumcised. So what's happening here is this is building of a relationship between Abraham - who is the representative of the nation of Israel - and God. And God says to makes it very clear that all of your descendants are involved in this Covenant in some way… You are included in the plan so this is how you were going to be part of the nation.

The covenant with Abraham is a covenant of inclusion. If you wanted to be included into God's family Abraham has to be your father.

This is how the scriptures are unfolding right from almost the beginning - 4000 years ago.

If you wanted to be included in the Jewish family Abraham has to be your father.

For the Jews having Abraham as your father seems to be a simple matter.

Every Jew can trace their heritage back to Abraham.

But so can every Arab.

The Jews trace their heritage back to Isaac.

The Arabs trace their heritage back to Ishmael.

Both sons were circumcised, according to the sign of the covenant.

But only one nation is included in God’s family.

Isaac had a set of twins, Esau and Jacob.

Both sons were circumcised, according to the sign of the covenant.

Esau was the forefather of the Edomites …. a group of people who were the enemies of God’s family.

If you know biblical history you will know why did the Edomites and the Israelites are always at odds with each other. There's a lot of wars between the two of them over the years and they end up hating each.

Malachi 1:7-8 tells us the story in a nutshell. “Was not Esau Jacob’s brother?” declares the Lord. “Yet I have loved Jacob, but Esau I have hated,

Can you see the pattern which is emerging?

Having Abraham in your family lineage is not what makes you a part of God’s family.

When the Pharisees were coming to John the Baptist to be see what was happening John says:

Just because you've got Abraham in your lineage it's not this guarantee that everything's going to be ok and you're going to be included. Even the Jews in Jesus day understood this. When the Pharisees went to John the Baptist who is baptising people. The Pharisees come along because the Pharisees want to make sure they do everything right to be included in God's family. So this is happening down at the Jordan River. They go down and have a look just to make sure - maybe they need to be involved. They decide to be involved and join the others and John looks up at them and he says:-

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