Summary: Who is Jesus, Where did he come from. What is his nature and person. Is he really God.

If you study the four Gospels you'll see that most often Jesus referred to himself as the Son of Man, and sometimes called himself the Son of God. As the Son of God he always existed and as the Son man He was born of a virgin, thus he was fully human and fully God. He is both divine and human—two natures, one person. Becoming a man did not mean he stopped being God, rather he remained what he was, and became what he was not. He was 100% God and 100% man, He had a human body, a human soul, a human mind, a human will, and human emotions. In his human nature, he was not all knowing (Omniscient), he could not be in many places at once (Omnipresent) and in his divine nature, he had Authority over the elements of Nature, he had the power to forgive sin.

The human nature and the divine nature put together is what makes the person Jesus, as a human being he understood our hardships, weakness, temptations and limitations. The Scriptures show that even today he is still fully Man and fully God and that he will remain like this forever. This is why even today he still understands when we fall to sin, its because he is still fully man. The Bible tells us that when he was raised from the dead, he ascended into heaven with the same human body with which he was born, and at his second coming, he is coming in the body of man, he will rule the world from Jerusalem with the body of man, yet being God.

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