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  • Addressing The Proud Person As Jesus Would

    Contributed by Paul Fritz on Aug 6, 2004
    based on 25 ratings

    The Lord Jesus was the Master in approaching people at the point of their need. He knew how to move from a person’s felt need to their perceived need to their human need as a gateway to their spiritual need.

    Addressing the Proud Person as Jesus Would (Luke 7:30-50) Illustration:The pride of your heart has deceived you. --Obadiah 1:3. As the story goes, Muhammad Ali looked up with that saucy grin of his and said in a slow, gravelly voice, "Superman don’t need no seatbelt!" Without missing a ...read more

  • How To Be A Wise Person

    Contributed by Charles Mccall on Apr 17, 2002
    based on 60 ratings

    You can be a wise person in Jesus Christ

    Matthew 7:24-27 Topic: How to become a wise person When we think of someone being wise, we usually think of a person who has been to college and has earned many educational degrees. When we think of someone being wise, we usually think of someone who has a whole lot of knowledge in ...read more

  • The Beginning Of The Gospel Series

    Contributed by Charles Salmon on Jan 10, 2002
    based on 44 ratings

    Book sermon on Gospel of Mark emphasizes the person of Jesus.

  • Christ - The Word Of God Series

    Contributed by Lewis Petrie on Jan 3, 2001
    based on 108 ratings

    Sermon from the Gospel of John examining the person of Jesus Christ as the Divine Word.

    THEME: ALL HAIL THE POWER OF JESUS’ NAME TITLE: CHRIST – THE WORD OF GOD TEXT: John 1:1; 14 INTRODUCTION: My first real exposure to Alzheimer’s Disease was while the Pastor in Melville SK. An older couple attended the church. Ray and Muriel Fenwick. They were not members of the church. ...read more

  • Here's The Deal (Part 1) Series

    Contributed by Shawn Drake on Sep 25, 2001
    based on 228 ratings

    This is the 2nd sermon in the series "Discipleship". This sermon looks at the Person of Jesus Christ.

    Sunday Morning September 30, 2001 Bel Aire Baptist Church, Hobbs, New Mexico Series: Discipleship #2 HERE’S THE DEAL (PART 1) Luke 9:18-25 Introduction: 1. “Here’s the deal” is a statement I have heard many times. This statement is simply saying, “Here is the requirement for this ...read more

  • God Has Rescued Us Series

    Contributed by Dave Mcfadden on Dec 8, 2004
    based on 13 ratings

    Christmas is all about God coming to rescue us in the person of Jesus Christ.

    As we find ourselves approaching the Christmas season, we find that many in our society want to celebrate Christmas without embracing Christ. Therefore, they seek to define the meaning of Christmas in terms other that biblical terms. For example, Christmas is commonly defined today as "a time of ...read more

  • Humility - The Key To Joy Series

    Contributed by Don Jaques on May 18, 2004
    based on 311 ratings

    If you want to be a Joy-Full person, follow Jesus’ example of humility.

    Becoming A Joy-FULL Person 3. Attitude Check Philippians 2:1-18 Don Jaques MAIN IDEA: If you want to be a Joy-Full person, follow Jesus’ example of humility. OBJECTIVES: Listeners will understand what it means to be humble. Listeners will discover the connection between humility and ...read more

  • Who Is Jesus?

    Contributed by David Dewitt on Sep 21, 2005
    based on 39 ratings

    The core of Biblical truth flows through the identity and person of Jesus who is the Christ

    Who is Jesus? Series: Searching for the Truth of Easter Mark 14:60-65 March 6, 2005 Introduction One of the biggest scams that seems to be taking place in our society lately is identity theft. People get access to some of your personal information and they cause major havok. With just the ...read more

  • Be Contagious: With Your Attitude

    Contributed by Jay Mcphearson on May 8, 2007
    based on 5 ratings

    In the person of Jesus we have who we should be.

  • God's Final Word Series

    Contributed by Dale Higgins on Mar 23, 2003
    based on 37 ratings

    No where else will you get a deeper appreciation of the person of Jesus Christ than in the book of Hebrews.

    The book of Hebrews offers today’s faith weary Christian the encouragement they need to stay in the race of faith. There are many distractions to get believers side tracted. So many times of frustration and disappointment, repeating your mistakes, neglecting your commitments or losing your ...read more

  • Who Is Jesus? Series

    Contributed by Chuck Hill on Dec 8, 2004
    based on 9 ratings

    In this message we investigate the reality of the person of Jesus Christ. He is real, alive and willing to change the destiny of your life and mine.

    Who is Jesus? Pastor Chuck Hill Colossians 1:15-23 (Focusing on v. 15-17) Introduction: Turn with me tonight to Paul’s letter to the Colossian Church. We will be focusing our attention on the first really strong teaching portion of this letter – it is found in chapter 1, beginning with ...read more

  • Narnia: Knowing Aslan - Know Jesus

    Contributed by Brad Rigney on Dec 17, 2005
    based on 12 ratings

    This sermon is helpful to transition knowing Aslan to the call to personally know Jesus this Christmas and always.

    Knowing Aslan – Know Jesus John 1:1-18 Intro.: A. We’ve been discovering the biblical Truths that are portrayed in the books and Movie of Narnia. This series of 7 books called the Chronicles of Narnia reflect an adventurous portrayal of a journey of 4 kids (Peter, Edmund, Susan and Lucy) ...read more

  • What's In A Name? Series

    Contributed by David Dewitt on Dec 3, 2007
    based on 4 ratings

    The second in a series of messages on the person of Jesus as seen through the Christmas story. This message focuses on the names of Jesus as seen in the birth narrative.

    What’s in a Name? Selected Passages December 2, 2007 Morning Service Introduction When Elizabeth was pregnant with Abigail, she was due in early December. As we approached the holidays, there was a great anticipation. I will never forget the conversation that Elizabeth and I had about naming ...read more

  • I Know Him So Well

    Contributed by Donato Solano on Dec 1, 2006
    based on 2 ratings

    A true disciple is the one who made decision based on his acceptance of the person of Jesus, His teachings and his works.

  • His Anointing

    Contributed by J. Yeargin on Nov 7, 2005
    based on 46 ratings

    Believing is critical to living for God. Believing will establish your faith and salvation. But to personally know Jesus will change your life.