Summary: The three R's of salvation.

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Introduction: Many people have heard of the three R’s of education – “readin’, ritin’ and ‘rithmetic” – but how many know about the three R’s of salvation? In this concluding sermon from Ecclesiastes Solomon gives insight on the subject.

I. Remember (v.1,6)

The word “remember” means to act decisively on behalf of God. It is to listen, take seriously and act on what God says.

A. Who? – “Remember your Creator.” For “Creator” see Genesis 1:1; 1:26. The Hebrew form is in the plural. It is a reference to the trinity. We worship one God who manifests himself in three persons. It is the same word “baw-raw” found in Genesis 1:1. God is the creator. Guess what? Solomon was a creationist not an evolutionist!

B. When? – “In your youth.” Suppose Solomon was talking to a grandchild? He could be talking to a youth group, children’s church or the nursery. Start early planting the seeds of the gospel.

C. Why? – All of us are aging. We’re headed toward the grave. We have a date with death. Notice in verses 3-7 – “keepers” = arms and hands. “Strong men” = legs. “Grinders” = teeth. “Windows” = eyes. “Doors” = ears. “Birds” = least little things disturbs your sleep. “Songs” = voice cracks when singing. “Almond tree” = hair turns white. “Grasshopper” = takes you longer to get where you are going. Lost your spring and hop. “Desire” = biological clock. Sexual appetite. ‘Silver cord” = spine. “Bowl” = skull. “Wheel/picture” = heart. The body is planted in the ground and the spirit goes back to God. Now is the time to prepare for death.

II. Read (v. 9-12)

How can we act decisively on what God has said? How do we know what He has said? Because He wrote a book – the Bible! Read the book. Why?

A. Wisdom (v.9) – Solomon got his wisdom from God. See I Kings 3:3-28.

B. Writing (v.9-10) – Solomon “wrote” “right words” that were upright and true. Why? To “impart knowledge.” He carefully arranged them in an orderly fashion. “Goads” (v.11) – a long stake with an iron point. It jabs and prods. “Nails” = a tent stake that secures or nails down. Note Solomon got his message from the “Shepherd”.

C. Warning (v.12) – Don’t go beyond.

III. Rely (v.13-14)

Remember the Creator. Read the book. Rely on His grace.

A. Fear God (v.13) – Reverence, awe, love and respect.

B. Keep His Commandments

C. Get ready for the Judgment (v.14) – He holds us accountable.

Conclusion: The key to the “Meaning of Life” is Jesus. Summation: Life without God is meaningless!

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