Summary: God’s Courtroom - The day of your trial and judgment.

Bible References: John 3:16; Romans 6:32, 3:23-25, Luke 19:10; John 3:17; II Corinthians 5:17; Luke 13:27 and Matthew 25:41

Trial & Judgment date: The very near future

Scene: Heaven’s Courtroom

Judge: God

Prosecutor: Satan

Defense: Jesus Christ

Defendant: You

Law Books: The Books of Life & of Death

Now that you have passed from this life into the next by death or the rapture and all that was prophesized has been fulfilled; you now come to the day of your trial and judgement. This is the final step to eternal

life or eternal damnation. Which will it be? As you wait for your trial to begin, you nervously move about in your chair. A thousand thoughts are swirling about in your head and your life is flashing before you -

like a movie in fast forward mode. You cringe in your seat and fear has begun to well up inside you. You ask yourself - Am I truly worthy to be here with God Forever? Did I do all I could to help save God’s people

from eternal damnation? Was it enough? Should I have done more? Is there something I missed? On and on these thoughts rush about in your mind until you see the Judge enter the courtroom! The Judge is the Lord God Jehovah! You begin to tremble, when suddenly the door to the left of you opens up and in walks the prosecutor whose name is Satan! Now you really are trembling and shaking in utter fear! Satan looks at you and gloats, as he rubs his hands together with a self-satisfied look upon his face! He is thinking," By the time I get through here,I will have one more of God’s people with me in HELL!" HE laughs to himself and gloats over the fact that he thinks that he has God beat on this one! You aquirm a little more in your seat in the judgment box and wonder,"who is going to defend me?" when from the right side of the courtroom, Jesus Christ enters! Jesus walks over to you and smiles, then he sits down without saying a word. The Great Judge then speaks.

Judge (God): Are we ready to proceed?

Prosecutor (Satan) Yes, Your Honor!

Defense (Jesus) Yes, Father!


From this point on we will refer to them by their names, instead of their position and you will be referred to as the defendant.

God: Then we wll begin with the opening remarks. Satan

you begin.

Satan: Thank you - your Honor. In this trial I will

show you just how unworthy of redemption that

this person is and how he/she belongs to me! I

will present evidence that clearly shows that

this person has fulfilled all my desires and

wishes and has earned the right to be with me

in my kingdom! I will call for witnesses:

Lust, Adultery, Abuse, Lies, and hate who shall

prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that this

person is truly worthy of my kingdom. Thank

you, your Honor.

God: (The Father looks lovingly at his son and smiles)

Jesus, you may make your opening remarks now.

Jesus: Thank you Father. How are you doing, today?

God: Fine and you?

Jesus: Ok. Father, I have no opening remarks at this

time. I will let the testimony speak for

itself. As for witnesses, there is only two

that I will call. One is the defendant and the

other is a surprise witness. Thank you.

Jesus Returns to His seat beside you and looks straight ahead, still not saying a word.

God: Satan you may call your first witness.

Satan: I call Lust to the stand. (Lust approaches the

witness stand and sits down.)

Satan: Lust, do you see that person over there? (Satan

points to the defendant)

Lust: Yes

Satan: Do you know this person?

Lust: Yes Sir! Very Well !

Satan: How did you meet this person?

Lust: I meet him/her in the back alleys, bars and

houses of prostitution.

Satan: And how long have you know this person?

Lust: For almost 40 years.

Satan: During that time you became fast friends. Is

that not correct?

Lust: Yes. We did many things together.It was

a "party" all the time !

Satan: In all that time together, did you have any

other friends?

Lust: Oh, yes sir! We had adultery, abuse, lies and

hate for friends.

Satan: No more questions of this witness, your Honor.

God: Jesus, would you like to question this withness?

Jesus: Not at this time, Father.

You are puzzled by this - Why didn’t he question this witness? He knows that you gave up Lust a long time ago.

God: Satan Call your next witness.

Satan: I call Adultery to the stand. (Adultery takes

the stand)

Adultery: Good morning.

Satan: Good Morning. Adultery, tell me the events that

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Very interesting surmor. really impacts positively my faith. thanks may God lead you for more superb ones

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