Summary: We have a tendancy to quit; not God, who has a tenacious love for you.


You’re a quitter! – What would you think if someone said that to you?

Yet, we are, really… when it comes to anything outside of self:

• The kid with the bat.

• Running away from home

• Suitcase (lets not embarrass ourselves) – or under roof unplug

• #1 Drivetime request – Johhny Paycheck – no intro 6 words…

• You can’t fire me, ___ ___! (last remaining power play)


Ever given up on anyone?

Ever walked out?

And if any of that makes you feel just a little silly now…

What about the times when walking out, giving up, quitting is the only respectable thing to do? When we’ve got a right! Reasons to quit!


1. Has a lot of reasons to ‘leave’

• People were at best mixing Baalism

• In effect, they were wanting to be RID of God who was their blessing

• Told Hosea to marry a promiscuous (adj!) woman, prostitute?

• Names!

i. Jezreel – massacre – Auschwitz

ii. Lo-Ruhamah (not loved)

iii. Lo-Ammi (not mine)

• EXPECTED outcome – throw here out! Rather, surprising consequence! Hosea’s life forces some serious thought!

2. Has a tenaciously loyal love

• Hosea does not quit!

a. Secretly supports her? (also deprives 2.6 thornbush)

b. Buys her back (silver+barley)

c. Woos her (entices) – 2.14 therefore allure, persuade

d. “And I will live with you” - Starting over. Betrothed. 3.3

• I can be nicer, longer than you can be mean. (you say that?)

• Gomer changes because Hosea does not. Take that back to God.

• Remember the names? See 2.23!

• Bulldog tenacity hanging onto you. What do you do with that?

3. Enables and expects our devotion [we’re experts at leaving but…]

• Staying CAN be done – its doable. Nobody is telling you that.

• Hosea is real life, despite many attempts to explain away.

• MUST be – Jesus applies even to enemies..

• Our witness hinges on it. We’re called to represent Jesus!

• Dallas Willard illust – neighbor, and HARD/SPIRIT/DISCIPLINES


Few of us regard ourselves as prostitutes, right?

Do you know how tenaciously God loves you? (1Peter2.23)

What are you doing with that?

DW neighbor – you? Devotion! - If not for others, for Jesus.

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