Summary: We all crave power, admit it or not; so how can we make sure we don’t abuse it?

The Truth About Power – Micah (6.8 key vs)

Main Idea: We’re to use power, not usurp it. Like Jesus, our Glorious One!


What’s the truth about power?

We all have trouble with power, even when we feel powerless.

Motorcycle stuck in sand illustration… freedom, grounded.

You [Need]

We all crave power and sometimes do silly things because of it.

The quest for power is there, even though we like to think of ourselves as not being power hungry.

Poll of congregation – how many like to be… vulnerable, last, etc…

Micah’s people, like us easily fell into abuse of power…

Some perennial problems with power… we need to:

Give Advantage [Justice]

“Power used for our ends, is power usurped.”

People take advantage.

They do it because they can. (2.1) (covet, seize, defraud)


They have cannibalized. (3.2) How do we?

Hunt their brothers with a net. (7.2) No trust. (7.5)

Have a Heart [Mercy]

“But that’s just good business.” – Nothing personal. Right.

Aggression by possession.

Heartless power. Dispassionate view of the bottom line.

You don’t have to be in business to do that…

They despise justice, distort what is right. (3.9)

Poverty as a spiritual/moral issue.

Should God forget? Acquit? (6.10,f.) Is that right?

Live Humbly [Humility]

Cities – seats of power (1.5)

Philippians 2, humble, therefore…


The Gospel (Acts 1.8) – Power of God for salvation… therefore unashamed.

Who is like you?! (Mercy! Into the sea! You will be true!)

Mountains melt (1.4) Deliverer! (2.13)

You, Bethlehem! (5.2)

He will stand and shepherd. (5.4-5) (7.14)

You [Apply]

We [Vision]

Imagine, giving advantage, compassion, humility!

Is the unforgiving servant parable a fitting lesson on power?

Really it seems to be more about power than just forgiveness.

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