Summary: Two sisters demonstrating two aspect of following the Lord. The life of Mary shows what is most needed to please the Lord and her sister service and works that burdens. Learning from the sister is needed in this crucial; time of our faith.

Learning from the Two Sisters

Text: Luke 10:38-42

Sermon Title: Following Christ Jesus as Lord

Bible Readings: Matthew 26:6-13, Mark 14;3- 9, John 11;1-45, 12:1-11

Bible Readings: Matthew 26:6-13, Mark 14;3- 9, John 11;1-45, 12:1-11

Our study today involves the faith and service of the two sisters of faith. The story can be found in all gospels and they are put there for our learning. Therefore it should not be considered a parable because names and places are mentioned. And it is not figurative, but a factual narrative of life in the times of the Lord. There are many post-biblical traditions about Mary and even a false gospel of Mary written sometimes in the second century AD.However the story is straightforward

The Hebrew word Bethany means house of poverty or misery. Here we can see the setting in the House of Martha. A humble home filled with the aroma of love and hospitality. Both had a brother of interest called Lazarus. Through them we shall learn the biblical verses of Romans 15:4-5 and 1 Corinthians 10:6,11 that instructs us to learn from the things written for our benefits. The gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ does proclaimed a call to discipleship, a call to follow Him in submissive obedience. The Christian life is a life of faith from beginning to ending. It is a walk of faith, a walk with God.

We should exercise caution in reading and understand the story of Mary and Martha her sister. First, our Lord did not condemn Martha for preparing the table but instructed her to perfect her faith. Martha was anxious and distracted because of service. Some type of unwanted services can cause anxiety that can drains our faith and causes leakages. Philippian 4;6

Mary is mentioned on three different occasions in the bible. They reveal the attitude end desire of the heart that seek God with humility. She is always found calmly seated and resting at the feet of our Lord Jesus. In that place she demonstrated sensitivity and overwhelming love to our Lord. Our Lord even promised that her faith and actions shall be spoken for all eternity.

The Lord wants to visit our home and be our guest. He expects us to spend time with Him. He wants to hear our voice speaking and asking Him of things we know not of Songs of Solomon 2:8,14.

A Theological perspective:

• The Love of God. Love is an attribute of God.

Luke 10:26-28 as our theme shows the essence of law and the prophet. It is just a single word love, that is loving the Lord with all our personality and our neighbor as ourselves set the tone for this account. The parable of Luke 10:30-36 the good Samaritan put definite emphasis on our love to our neighbor through service. And the visitation of our Lord in Luke 10:38-42 shows our love to God as our reasonable service above all. Both should be put together without omitting the other in our service to God. We should live a life expressing true love to God and our neighbor.

Reflections and Lessons

Here are some of the lessons that are devotional and helpful to our understanding of the life of faith. Let's consider these vitals instruction with faith and hope through the Spirit of God.

• Setting right priority:

Luke 10:41 instructs us about how to set our priority right. We have to learn how to make right choices. The difference between a happy and unhappy Christian life can be found here. Matthew 6:25-33 is our starting point. 1 Samuel 15;22

• Setting right goals:

• Keeping a balance between the active and contemplative life. It is good to be active for the kingdom of God but equally to balance our study/prayer life with our activity

• When we worship the Lord our home shall be filled with the aroma or sweet fragrance of Lord John 12;3. All shall receive the benefit of such worship.

• Services: Romans 12:1-2, John 12;26, chap 13;1-16

• Active for God and being quiet for God. Mary had chosen to be quiet with God and sitting to hear the word of God but Martha wanted to feed the Lord

• The action dimension of the Christian life.

• Redeeming the time: Ephesians 5;15-17.

• Giving the Lord His rightful place: Romans 14;9, Ephesians 1;20-23, Colossians 1; 15-18, chap 2; 9-10

The Good part:

That good part that cannot be taken from us should be our choice to make. Below are listed some of the heavenly treasures that we can make our own for all eternity.

• The Lord Jesus Christ is that good part or portion and our relationship to Him: 1 John 5:9-13

• The kingdom of God and His righteousness Matthew 6:33 seeking the kingdom of God.

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