Summary: A Narrative sermon around the Daniel 5 story.

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I. Here we are in the year 538 B.C

A. The Babylonian Kingdom

1. Currently at war with the Medo-Persian Empire

2. It seems as though the kingdom is on a spiral downwards

3. It is almost as if we have found ourselves in a great whirlpool of which there is no return

B. A lot has changed since the glory days of Nebuchadnezzar

1. I know there are some questionable times of his reign, but you have got to say. It was our best times

a. Remember the great things he accomplished

1) He took capture those Jews we see everyday

2) They have been here since and have created no problems for us

3) Neb. even took out other great civilizations like Egypt

4) Those were the days

b. Remember those days

1) How about the time when he had the great dream of the statue

i. The four great kingdoms

ii. Babylon be the greatest of them all

2) How about that great statue made in his image

i. That statue was enormous

ii. It was 90 feet wide

iii. It must have been worth a fortune

2. But Nebuchadnezzar has long since died and gone on to be with the gods

1) He died in the year of 562

2) After a reign of over 40 years

C. We have been through a number of kings

1. First we had Amel-Marduk

a. A man of evil – of great evil

b. Lucky for us he only reigned a couple of years

c. His reign abruptly came to an end that fateful night that he was assassinated by his son-in-law Neriglissar

d. Nerigissar died four years after succeeding to the throne

2. Then we have the short lived Labashi-Marduk (9 Mos)

3. Nabodinus at that time became king

a. He has not been to the capital in years

1) For some reason or another he is always away

2) Rumors are that the political leaders are infuriated with him

3) So he spends most of his time in the Arabian desert

b. With Nabodinus gone someone has to take care of the affairs of the state.

1) Well that would Belshazzar

2) He is Nabodinus’ son

3) He is young and really only knows a few things of running a kingdom

D. Well, that brings you up to date

1. Our great kingdom is in the hands of a young pup and a king who is nowhere to be found

2. We sure are in a great whirlpool seeking the depths of destruction

II. Belshazzar feast for the idols

A. Well, the young king is known for his great escapades

1. Today seems to be of no difference, the party is roaring in the banquet hall

2. If you don’t already know. We, Babylonians, are multi-god believing society.

a. We have heard stories of one almighty powerful God

b. It is just so hard to put all of your eggs in one basket

c. Why be stupid and mess up, when you can cover all your bases by worshipping all of the gods

3. This king, though, seems to have no respect for this Jewish God at all

a. Daniel 5:2

b. Boy, did Belshazzar ask for trouble

1) He just can not be very smart

2) Here he is drunken and orders the servants to bring in the Jewish God’s goblets

3) Doesn’t he remember what happened to Nebuchadnezzar

c. He must not remember anything at all. He sure has had one to many tonight.

d. There is just sitting on the throne so high and mighty, while his father is away

1) Why not go out in style? Must be the motto of Belshazzar

2) Here he is, while we are spinning downward through a raging torrent. Having a party with over a thousand noblemen in attendance

i. Sure this isn’t some of the largest

ii. This man needs to be thinking of his kingdom

4. (5:3-4) The party has escalated

a. Belshazzar stands from his elevated table and calls for everyone to worship the idols of Babylon

b. Worship our images of gold, bronze, iron, wood and stone

c. But don’t forget to use the goblets from the temple of Jerusalem

III. The party escalates in a miraculous fashion

A. This is going down in the history scrolls

1. I swear I saw this hand just appear

a. Yes I said a hand. It did not have a body.

b. It just appeared and started writing on the wall, in something I could not read

c. It must have written in some ancient language I have never read

2. Belshazzar turned two shades of white while watching this occur

a. The room was so silent, you could here the scratches on the wall as they were made

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