Summary: Just like there are many urban legends that get passed around, there are many spiritual urban legneds that get passed around. Let take a look at some of them.

Urban Legends Part 1

There are many ways to God

Acts 4:12, John 18:38, 14:6, 8:46, 10:30, Matthew 16:13-18

A. Today we are going to start a new sermon series, called ‘Urban Legends.’ We have done many sermon series, but I would say of all the sermon series this one has the potential to be the most important sermon series we have ever done here at VCC. Legends are sometimes hard to figure out whether they are true or false? Okay here is one, you tell me if this is true or false.

B. The American Atheist organization started by Madelyn Murray O’Hair is petitioning the FCC to take religious broadcasting such as Joel Olsten, Joyce Myer, Charles Stanley, David Jeremiah, and others, and religious music off the radio. A petition number is mentioned, RM-2493, and people are encouraged to call or write the FCC to protest the petition and urge the FCC to reject it True or False?

C. True and False: There was a petition #2493 back 1975, two guys, felt churches and religious organizations should not able to operate so many frequencies classed ‘educational.’ They asked FCC freeze any new applications. This prompted a PUBLIC OUTCRY, and the FCC ruled in favor of churches. That ended petition #2493 thirty four years ago. But the legend lives on and so far has produced 30 million letters and 10 million emails. This year the FCC will receive about 200 a month. It is almost a FT job just responding to this legend.

D. One of the reasons this FCC rumor is so believable is that Madelyn Murray O’Hair shocked the nation more than four decades ago by participating in legal action that resulted in the United States Supreme Court decision pulling prayer and Bible reading out of the classrooms in public schools in 1963.

E. Sometimes legends are just too good to ever die, they sound true and people accept them without looking into them. In the future if you get an email warning before pass it on check online for the truth of it, look at or

F. Just like there are urban legends that just seem to never die and are passed around and believed by many, there are many urban legends that are believed about God, Jesus and Christianity. They seem to live on even though they are not true. Before passing them along it would be good to check into them to see if they are true.

There are many ways to God Acts 4:12

A. Today we will look at the urban legend, “There are many ways to God.” I chose this as my first urban legend because it is one of the most dangerous urban legends that affects our eternity. This legend about God is spread all over the world, on nightly TV, talk shows, in many colleges, and even in some churches. It is one of the most common religious urban legends around.

B. Here is the urban legend we are going to look at today. “There are many different ways to God.” In our very politically correct world that we now live in this legend is very acceptable. People will say, “When you boil all the religions down they are all saying basically the same thing.” “All religions teach the same thing, treat your brother with respect.” Is this a legend or is it truth? This is partly true in that all religions teach that we are to treat our fellow man with respect but do all religions teach the same way to get to heaven? This is the part of the legend we want to look at today. ‘Do all roads lead to God?”

Our culture has become much more open today, when it comes to talking about God. This is different than years back; it was not acceptable to mention God in public. But now people feel free talking about God everywhere. We see it on TV talk shows, all sorts of popular books available about God, radio talk shows, music, etc. Usually though this legend is quoted. Here is a quote from Oprah Winfrey, I like her, not attacking her just want you to get a feel for how strong the belief in this legend really is, “One of the biggest mistakes a person can make is to believe that there is only one way to God, There are many different paths leading to God.” This legend has widespread acceptance. Many in our culture, and even in churches today would say this as well. Am I right?

C. Maybe you have had this thought: “Who am I to say that my religion is the only way.”Maybe you think it is sort of arrogant or narrow minded to think that everyone else must be wrong if they are not following Jesus. Anyone ever have that thought? I know I have had to deal with that. Or maybe you have thought, “Jesus works for me, but He might not work for everyone.” Or maybe when you hear people say, “There are many ways to God,” you almost wish there were. Maybe we hesitate to say that Jesus is the only way, because you know that people will tend to write you off as narrow minded, very judgmental and very close minded if you believe this.

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