Summary: A message about getting rid of that which is Jonah like in our lives.

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Throw Jonah Overboard

Text: Jonah 1:1-16

Jonah’s name is connected with the word "Dove", which signifies a messenger (pigeon/dove). His father’s name was Amittai, which means "My Truth". Put the two together and we find that Jonah, by name, was to be a messenger of the Truth!

One of the greatest issues in the world today is not sin or sickness or disease or even politics. One of the greatest issues of our time revolves around "Christians" not living up to their name.

(Use a skit to the theme of Mission Impossible with Jonah smashing the message device instead of accepting the Mission.)

Reasons to throw Jonah overboard

A. Jonah represents in this passage that which is not in line with the plans, purposes, and pursuits of God.

A few things to note about Jonah before we get into our message proper:

His name means dove but He was acting more like a donkey. Sometimes people don’t act the way in which God intends for them to be. Throw that rascal overboard, and when he gets washed ashore he will be a dove again!

He fled from the presence of the Lord. You can’t leave God’s house, but you can leave His presence:

There are many places to which you can go to leave the presence of the Lord, places in the heart.

Illus: teen with door closed to parents. Still in the home, but not being a part of the family.

People who have/are fleeing from the presence of the Lord are asleep:

1. Asleep to the needs of others

2. Asleep to the personal danger they face

3. Asleep to the purpose for which God has made/called them


1. It is that which makes a person to run away from the presence of the Lord.

2. It is the spirit of evil diversion from what ought to be your true priorities.

3. It is the spirit of disobedience.

4. It is that which removes the batteries from your smoke detector, and you can’t detect danger

5. It is the spirit that says: "Please leave a message no one is available to receive you call."

6. It is that which drags you into trouble.

7. It is that which invites storms.

8. It is that which invites divine displeasure.

9. It is the spirit of slumber

10. It is the spirit of compromise.

Reasons to throw Jonah overboard:

1. God has marked the Jonah in Jonah for destruction.

"Contentment is the enemy of freedom."

This applies to us personally, and to that which God would use us to do to help others.

Jonah was content with sleeping while others tottered on eternity.

Jonah was content with looking out for himself, and ignoring others.

There is that in Jonah that God has earmarked for destruction. We joke when we see that in others, "Lord, don’t let me be near when the lightning bolt falls." God has earmarked spiritual contentment (the Jonahic type) for destruction.

Someone is always near when the lightning bolt falls.

Jonah’s ways threatened both sailor and Ninevite with destruction because they would not hear the gospel. Jesus died on the cross so that people could hear, God hates anything that prevents people from hearing, and sometimes that hate extends to the Jonah in you!

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