Summary: Only when a country is humble before God can God raise that country to the greatness He desires.

September 6, 2009

To be a Godly Nation

We are a people lost in a time when so much has been found. We certainly have lost our way with God and the consequences are just beginning to be realized.

To be a great nation you need a people given over to God in heart, mind and spirit. Matthew 22:37

The nation of Israel were 12 different tribes but they represented one people. They were made one people not by a political decision but by the hand of God Almighty. It did not happen overnight. First they were in bondage then deliverance and then freedom came but it was through a time of testing and proving that they knew and identified with the Living God as they passed through the desert of decision.

I ask you fellow citizens where does our nation stand in its relationship with Elohim - the one who is who was and forever will be?

Do our leaders fear and honor God?

Do they serve their brothers and sisters as humble servants or do they court the favor of their own selfish ambitions?

Is our nation given over to the Living God or are there other gods that men have set before themselves?

1 Timothy 6:10

All kinds of evil. Some people elected to high office have pierced themselves with many griefs. Matthew 16:26

I have not travelled the entire country but from what I have seen this is a blessed country a beautiful country. Its people are strong, intelligent and caring. Still many thousands of thousands are poor and hungry and weep that they are so blessed.

Luke 6:20-21

I see only one more blessing that this country is missing out on. Luke 6:22

If we are to stand as a great nation among the nations of the earth we must give ourselves over completely to Jesus Christ.

Only then will we know the fullness of God's blessing. The world we now occupy is temporal. It will pass and the woe's of scripture will indeed fall upon it. Luke 6:24-26

Do not look to man to make your country great. Look instead to the Living God who holds all the world's nations in the palm of His hand.

Read Psalm 33

My brothers and sisters we wait in hope for the Lord. We desire peace, prosperity and salvation for our people. We should desire salvation first and the peace and prosperity will follow.

We can only see these desires realized if we ask God to purpose them in our hearts. Let us begin today. To petition our God for the sake of our nation. Let us come to God.

Those of you sitting here who do not know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior need to come forward now.

Come to God dear ones, step forward to receive Jesus into your heart. We will pray with you. Let us be fully blessed as Jesus describes being blessed. Let us live out our nation's creed and embrace Christ as His nation.

Let us be set apart from this world of brokenness and be born again as a nation that is whole.

It is not beyond our grasp. Let us reach out to the Savior while we still have the freedom to do so. - Amen.

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