Summary: It worked for David Letterman so let me give it a try, the top ten rules for love

Romans 12:9-21

Getting on the Same Page as God about the top ten Rules of Love


A. David Letterman has made a career out of his top 10 list

B. You have to admit some of his list have been really funny

C. Today we have a top ten list, however, these are not humor, these are serious.

D. Today we are going to look at the top ten rules of love

E. We are going to see how we should love one another

F. Romans, as we have said many times, is the most theological books of the New Testament

G. However, the section that we are dealing with is not theological, it is practical

H. This will be some of the most practical advice about Love you will ever hear

I. These wise words about love, do not come from me, they come from the Scripture

J. Let us begin our Top ten Rules of Love!

I. #10 ¡V Love one Another (9-10)

A. Explanation

1. Love must be sincere.

a) I am not that old yet, but you know what I have come to respect the most, a sincere answer

b) Not the answer that I want to hear, but the truth

c) Love must be the same way ¡V sincere

2. Hate what is evil, Cling to what is good

a) If we are to truly live this one out, when we see evil it should not be ¡§ohh that is so wrong¡¨ but rather cause to feel sick

b) And if we truly cling to what is good ¡V we need to become superglue ¡V Superglue sticks and stick it does, imagine if you were to superglue your fingers together, you might have to go to the hospital to get them removed, we are to cling, to superglue ourselves to Good

B. Application

1. Do we sincerely love one another?

2. Do we sincerely love one another enough to hate when they get involved in evil?

3. Do we sincerely love one another to superglue ourselves to something that is good?

4. These thing must be done with true love

5. Noticed the Bible does not say it would be good if. These are commands

6. Are you following them?

C. Illustration

II. #9 ¡V Respect one Another (10)

A. Explanation

1. Honor one another above yourself

2. Proverbs 15:33 ¡V Interesting must of us probably heard the first part ¡§The fear of the Lord teaches a man wisdom.¡¨ But the verse does not end there

3. It goes on ¡§and humility comes before honor¡¨

B. Application

1. We are Command by God to honor and respect one another

2. To view someone else as better then ourselves

C. Illustration

1. Must of the time I can ignore salesman, I don¡¦t care what they have to sell me, and I just listen to their spule and say no thank you. When I was managing the bookstore at the Lighthouse there was one exception. Barney from CPI.

2. He knew that I was just starting in the ministry. So he would sit there on the phone ask me how things were going and truly listen to me and showed me the respect and honor.

3. He was being honest and genuine it was not fake, he put me above him

4. However because he did that guess who bought too many books from that guy?

III. #8 ¡V Worship with one Another (11-12)

A. Explanation

1. Never lacking in Zeal

a) Zeal ¡V enthusiastically, passionately

b) Oh if we could only keep that fire that burned in us when we first become a Christian if we could just keep that zeal going

2. But Keep your spiritual fervor

a) Fervor ¡V again that passion and enthusiasm

3. Be Joyful in Hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer

a) Let me just tell you, verse 12 became my verse of the week this week, for many many reason

B. Application

1. AS we discussed last week ¡V Worship is the offering of everyday life to God

2. If we view how we are treating others, how we are acting in love with as and act of worship

3. Imagine what we could have

4. Imagine the amount of love that would be flowing from everywhere

5. If we were to love each other with that zeal, with that passion with that enthusiasm, with that fervor

6. Imagine what that would look like

7. The Bible does something nice for us, you might be sitting there saying that sounds good but how do we do that,

8. (Read 12), that¡¦s how, don¡¦t you love when the Bible answers your questions?

C. Illustration

IV. #7 ¡V Be Gracious to one Another (13)

A. Explanation

1. Share with God¡¦s people who are in need. Practice Hospitality

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