Summary: The liberating truth is, in Christ, I am fully accepted. Why is this? The Bible explains why this is true.

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1. Two last day's passages: Matthew 10:18-21 & 2 Timothy 3:1-5

2. The Bible is very clear that as we approach the coming of Christ, there will be a major breakdown of the family and, to a large extent, it will have to do with children.

3. Satan will employ every method possible to destroy children and turn them away from their parents and from God. The battle rages for the minds of children and adults. If Satan can control your thinking, he knows he has won the battle. 2 Corinthians 4:4

4. Because of this, every believer must be fortified with the truth of who they are in Christ.

5. Parents, your primary responsibility is to lead your children to Christ and then help them understand their identity in Christ. Children, teenagers, and adults are looking for acceptance.

• “If I perform well enough, maybe I will be accepted. If I am attractive enough, maybe I will be accepted. If I'm good enough at sports, If I make good enough grades, If I do enough church work.” Adults do this too.

6. Satan loves this and does not want you to know this truth: in Christ, I am fully accepted.

7. You don't have to work for it, earn it or strive for it. The liberating truth is, in Christ, I am fully accepted. Why is this? The Bible explains why this is true.

Because I have been justified - Romans 5:1

1. To be justified means “to be declared righteous.”

2. The moment the believing sinner trusts Christ, he is immediately justified (his spirit is filled with righteousness). He is placed in Christ, clothed, and indwelled in His righteousness, and thereby he stands justified before God. He stands in a right relationship with God.

3. This is not a temporary justification, it is eternal.

Because I am a member of Christ's body - Ephesians 5:30

1. The moment you trust Christ, a spiritual operation takes place whereby God's Spirit takes you out of the kingdom of darkness, and you are placed in Christ. You are now one with Christ.

2. Do you realize what this means? The only way you could ever be rejected by God the Father is if He rejected His Son. Why? Because you are in Christ. You are part of His body.

3. Of course, the Son can never be rejected (Ephesians 1:20-23). Because the Son has an exalted place of eternal acceptance before the Father, so do we! Why is this? Because we are in Him. We are part of His body!

4. So I don't have to have a certain brand name on my pants, drive a certain car, or look a certain way to be accepted. In Christ, I am fully accepted by God Almighty. Ephesians 1:6

Because I am a saint - Philippians 1:1; 1 Corinthians 1:2

1. You've heard, “All I am is an old sinner saved by grace.” I am a sinner, and I am saved by grace, but that's not all I am. That is not where the story ends.

2. God wants you to realize there's a lot more He's done for you than that. He has given you a high, exalted position in Christ. You are now a saint of God who has the life of Christ at the center of your being.

3. Satan has convinced people that at the core of their being they are nothing more than rotten sinners. That describes what they were before they were saved, but not anymore!

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