Summary: Do you need Jesus to pay a house call to someone you love? Or do you yourself find a need to reach out to Jesus and quietly almost secretly put out your hand in the hope that you can just catch the hem of His garments to be healed?

Touching on Jesus

Matthew 9:9 - 9:26

Today’s scripture passage shows us the need we all share – to be touched by God in our time of crisis and also to reach out to Jesus in faith trusting that by touching Him we can be made whole.

Jesus sets up this entire chain of events by letting us know just who He is and why He came to earth.

He tells us in verse 12 that He is a doctor or at least He alludes to that title being one of the roles He has come to fulfill.

An accusation was made against Jesus about the kind of people he was hanging out with.

It seemed to the religious people of the day that Jesus was with the wrong crowd. Jesus response and actions remind us of where we should be and who we should be trying to influence with God’s message of salvation - those who are lost - those friends of ours who do not go to church like we do.

Jesus let the religious people know that He was not on earth for them but for sinners. A sinner is anyone who is separated from God by sin.

The bible tells us that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God Romans 3:23

Well if that’s true than that includes you and me even if we are good religious church going people.

Sin is the only sickness that man has not been able to cure for himself. We have tried with laws and religious living but we have failed to completely follow them and so God in His wisdom decided He would cure us of this disease Himself.

Jesus God’s only begotten son is Holy and without sin but He would take on all our sin so that the disease could be eradicated.

1 John 2:2 NIV

He is the atoning sacrifice for our sins, and not only for ours but also for the sins of the whole world.

Unfortunately not everyone likes to go to the doctor and such was the case when people encountered Jesus.

Some folks like the Pharisees wanted to rely on the old methods. They wanted to try to apply the stuff they kept in the back of their medicine cabinets but that medicine had an expiration date on it and Jesus was the new prescription that they needed but they would not request it. No, there is no home remedy. You need the genuine article – Jesus.

Jesus explained it to them as old wine skins and new wine but they could not make the connection. They failed to realize that they needed to become new or “Born Again” and that this new wine required a new wine skin as well. No the old methods of fasting etc where not what they needed.

Jesus is calling all of us to a new life in Him and a new Spirit through Him. There is a time to say.. Out with the old and in with the new. Jesus is the new that we all need.

Matthew tells us that Jesus encountered two kinds of people. People who needed Jesus to touch someone they loved and people who needed to touch Jesus for themselves.

I don’t know about you but I have fit into both those categories in my lifetime. There have been and continue to be times in my life when I ask Jesus to touch a loved one so that they might be healed physically or spiritually. And their have been times when I needed to reach out in faith to touch Jesus as He was passing by.

Which person are you today? Do you need Jesus to pay a house call to someone you love? Or do you yourself find a need to reach out to Jesus and quietly almost secretly put out your hand in the hope that you can just catch the hem of His garments and that will be enough?

Well whatever your need today, a need for a loved one or a personal need I can tell you that yes you can feel the touch of the Masters hand today.

The power of touch is amazing. Think of how a little child seeks out their mothers touch to kiss away a hurt. Think how wonderful it is when someone takes your hand or gives you a reassuring hug. Touch is a healing balm that reaches into our hearts and souls.

Our Heavenly Father knows the power of touch and for that reason He sent His son so that we might touch Him and be touched by Him.


I want you right now to bow your head and close your eyes with me. Now slip up a hand and reach out I promise you no one will think you silly or childish. Reach out your hand high above your head and pray with me now.

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