Summary: A sermon designed to show the listener that worship isn’t a style, it’s a lifestyle.

Traditional or Contemporary! Which is right?

Mike Croel @ restaurant

Awe and Joy

Worship- presence of God

Misunderstand what worship really is!

Say it with me- “Worship has nothing to do with music!”

Worship Wars

Methodology v. Theology

We have forgotten the definition of worship

So we gripe about the style

This is the #1 source of controversy in church today!

More than money, doctrine, budget combined

John 4:20-24 (v. 23 funny)

Jesus doesn’t talk about music

Why? Worship has nothing to do with music!

V. 21- worship is about to change drastically

Worship has “left the building”

“The Worship Service”

Greek: Proskuneo- bow down in submission, kiss the feet

Latreuo- translated worship, means serve

Hebrew: Shachah- bow down, submit to

Abad- serve

Worship is submission of my will to Christ’s

Lifestyle dedicated to the service of Christ

Have you worshipped?

Some Christians have never “worshipped”

They sing and pray, but never submit

V. 23- Spirit and Truth

Spirit- heart, soul and mind


Heart and mind must be in our worship

Worship v. Worshipper

Truth- direct access to God through Jesus Christ

Heb. 9:24- we go to the very presence of God too

We worship according to the NT pattern

Not bloody sacrifices like the OT

Let’s put this issue behind us and stop letting it destroy our churches PERIOD!

Worship is not style, but lifestyle!

So how?

Begin the process of transformation

Prayer, fasting, solitude, the mind

Worship God in these ways

Put His will before your own

Have you worshipped?

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