Summary: What religion is correct. with all the different religions out there how do we know that Christanity is correct? This sermon answers that question

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Romans 2:17-3:8

Getting on the same Page as God about True Religion


1. We live in a society with tonz of different religions

2. Some are very strict some are easy some a pratical some are way out there

3. We have been flooded with so many different options that many people are out their thinking that all roads will lead to salvation

4. Many people have gotten confused, they just don’t know what to believe.

5. What does the Bible say about true religion?

6. What is true religion?

7. Today we are going to look at Getting on the same page as God about True Religion

8. Specifically

a. Guilt of the Jews

b. Obedience of the Gentiles

c. Doing what is right

I. Guilt of the Jews (2:17-24)

A. Explanation

1. It is one thing when you can say that you do not know what is going on

2. But In Jewish culture and tradition the tought the law

3. they taught the law and taught it well

4. I am ashmed sometimes at how we are teaching the Scripture compared to how the Jews tought the Law

5. If you were a Jew you knew the Law. Period.

6. With that in mind Paul launchs into what you could consider an attack of the Jews

7. He begins to question everything that they do

8. Begins to ask them how with all of their knowledge

9. With everything that they have been giving

10. With everything that God has revealed to them

11. Live the way they are

12. They are not just stupid and don’t know better they have no excuse for their actions

B. Application

1. How does this apply to our lives?

2. I know most of your background, I know what you have been tought

3. I know what has been tought at this Church.

4. I can honestly say to the best of my knowledge you have taught the truth

5. Here is the question. Can the world tell that?

6. Are you living a life thatis defferent from the rest of the world

7. Or do people end up pointing their fingers and saying and you call yourself a Christian

8. Granted some people will pull that line just to get what they want

9. But would Paul be questioning your sincerity?

10. What happens then is the world sees your hypocricy sees your double standard and is turned off

C. Illustration

1. I used to promise people everything. I promise to do that I promise to do this. Here is the thing many of the Promises that I would make would not hold true. I would not do what I said I would, because of that promises meant less and less

2. So I have try to stop that. I want to be a person of intergerty I want people not to be able to say well he said that but does not mean that

3. I do not want to live a life like the guilt of the gentiles

4. I want people to see my life for what I am. A sinner who was saved by grace and is pursuing God with all my Heart

5. People will want what you have when you live like that and you have the perfect opportunity to reach them

6. Integrity prevents guilt

7. Integrity shows love

8. Integrity demonstrates true religion

II. Obedience of the Gentiles (2:25-29)

A. Explanation

1. Here Paul starts talking about circumcision

2. All male Jews were required to be circumcised

3. Cirumsion was meant to show in fact that they were following the convent, the law if you will

4. However, like many symbolic gestures, the Jews figured if they were circumsized then all was good

5. They were in, they could do whatever they wanted then because after all they were circumisied

6. Paul deflate that by asking them a series of question

7. If the gentiles who are not circumcised follow God’s law are they not better then a jew who is and does not follow the law

8. I can imagine the readers of this letter wanting to argue that point but ultimitly could not respond

9. The Paul tells us that true cirumsion is not done with a knife

10. True cirumsion is cirumision of the heart, it is an attidude not a physical act

B. Application

1. Ok your probley sitting there thinking “so Jews were distorting the whole circumsion thing what does that have to do with me?”

2. Well today we do not instantly symbolize cirucumsion with a realationship with God but here is what we do

3. We assume that every one who claims to be a Christian has a realationship with God

4. And as much as I wish that was true that is not the case

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