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Summary: A reading and study plan for experiencing the Psalms

’Twelve KEYS to Experiencing the Psalms’

Before we list these Twelve KEYS it will be necessary for us to consider/commit to a simple but energetic reading plan of the book of Psalms. Read the Psalm for the day, Psalm 1 on the 1st of the month, then add 30=Psalm 31, plus 30 more=Psalm 61, plus 30=Psalm 91, plus 30=Psalm 121and so on for each day of the month. This will get you through the entire book of Psalms in a month! Read Psalm 119 on each 31st day.

Then, when reading the Psalms use these Twelve KEYS for help in analyzing each individual Psalm:

1. Pray for the Lord to ’Open your spiritual eyes that you might behold

wondrous things’ (Psalm 119:18)

2. Pray for the Lord to reveal the Lord Jesus Christ in the Psalm

(Luke 24:44)

3. Look for the theme, focus or emphasis of each individual Psalm

4. Look for the “T” factor: Thee, Thy, Thou words which show

the Psalmist’s emphasis on the Lord

5. Look for the commands from the Lord to the Psalmist/you for personal


6. Look for the commands from the Lord to you for personal application

7. Look for the commands/requests (421 total) from the Psalmist/you

to the Lord showing complete dependence on the Lord (Psalm 57:2)

Theme Verse of Psalms)

8. Look for the ’I wills’ demonstrating your surrendered heart

intent/example for the Christian

9. Look for the ’I wills’ from the Lord which are precious promises

for the Christian to build faith

10. Look for Personal Titles of the Lord: ’Thou art my Hiding Place’

(Psalm 32:7) & make a list for your prayer time

11. Look for the ’KEY’ verse...the one which speaks to

you personally...memorize it and utilize it

for meditation/ministering/making melody

12. Learn to underline the ’KEY’ verse...mark the date in

the margin...personalizing each Psalm

for future blessing/remembrance

The primary purpose of the Psalms is the teach us how to WORSHIP God by denying ourselves & exerting our full dependence on Him for all our individual needs (Psalm 57:2-Theme Verse of Psalms). It is the training ground for the afflicted giving us the Biblical example of how to go through times of trouble and affliction God’s way which makes it an invaluable tool for the newborn and experienced Christian alike.

SPECIAL ENCOURAGEMENT: For an added measure of God’s WISDOM include the Proverb for each day of the month thereby reading through the Proverbs also once a month!

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