Summary: Invited for a blessing, urgently in demand for life; there is so much power you can have just call Jesus. I know fear is not of God but the fear of the lord is the beginning of wisdom. If we're going to get up from the fall let's come up together by calli

Amos 5:3: For thus saith the Lord GOD; The city that went out by a thousand shall leave an hundred, and that which went forth by an hundred shall leave ten, to the house of Israel. Whatever you’re going through GOD is not going to put no more on you then you can bear. Jesus wants Israel to know; he depicts her as a virgin. That's an artery, and it's not going to be cut off from the lord. Jesus wants her to know that the bitter cup she has - he can make it sweet again. He did it for Moses and his virgin in the wilderness one time; he’ll do it again. GOD wants to show us a tree, don't you want to have the eyes to see it? Cast it into the water, and he’ll make the waters sweet. We can put Jesus in everything, and he’ll make it sweet. Amos 5:1 Hear ye this word which I take up against you, even a lamentation, O house of Israel. The word of God is precious but not everybody has eyes and ear's to see or hear. Being born of the water and of the spirit is a blessing that brings us into existence - a manner of living his life not of the will of man but the will of God. Jesus makes a difference in ones position. Almighty God The father of all spirits looks for his son; Jesus tells us that we must be born again, then we have a position in the Holy Ghost; a position is a location where the father comes out to meet us as he Jesus talks to the Father about how these little ones have called his name. And because of Jesus we’re able to come to the father through the will of God on the water. God is a spirit; it dwells on the water in darkness. To find his spirit is to call him Jesus in dark places. In 1990, I went looking for help at home in a dark place in my closet, before I found him I would always confess my sin’s - the fear of the lord is to begin in wisdom - not just on Sunday or whenever there is an alter call. I made him a part of my life. It was simple how I found the lord - all I did was called his name Jesus. Without calling for Jesus out of sincerity, there is no photograph to the cataloging of one’s helplessness. “They that wait upon the lord, they shall mount up with wings like a eagle; “the Father's love took Jesus up in his spirit – the same way he was taken up – the comforter comes down on all who call the name of Jesus, want you call Jesus like you mean it! Knowing when the spirit is going to descend upon one is a mystery. Don’t you’ll want to wait on the lord! - Don’t get weary! The Father has always been in darkness, watching and waiting to speak until one night he said - let there be light; the Father was in darkness when he said this. I believe strongly in my heart, if you’re spiritually blinded by the sins of this world, your security in a desert region is dehydrated up to the time Jesus wipes your tears away. Remember how sin made one sick; one has to be sin sick to meet Dr. Jesus. There’s nothing wrong with thinking in your heart that you’re good because of how one pray, preach, talk, sing, dance, and how much favor one has with most people – better then someone else. We are still guilty of sin, and I’m guilty of sin too but Jesus has the remedy for cure. Its simple just call him, and know this in your heart - there is none good - save one that is Jesus Christ. Assurance, calling on Jesus in dark places, comes from grace knowing that one has been truly justified in his or her conscience. It is impossible not to find Jesus by calling his name, but it is - possible to be lost forever if one don’t call him by the chosen name of God - Jesus! One cannot find the lord till one has had enough of sin and the pleasure of the old life. Remember! Just confess ones sins, known and unknown, and don’t get weary. It’s hard to get enough of sin if one is divided over the fence – loving both sides at the same time is the most popular way of saving one’s own life, if you save your life u gonna lost it. The carnal man, having no intentions of dying; he's a master at straddling the fence. He can hypnotize a mind that has not been transformed by the Holy Ghost; an uncircumcised heart in condemnation is a dutiful one; it has not the right spirit of God but it has the many spirits that are roaming around the world. They’re everywhere spirits acting like lords over God’s heritage. Saints, we got to know them that labor among us; spirits that are quick to anger without a cause, they are murderer's. Satan wants to turn as many as he can against the right people with the right spirit beware! They’re in the church – the carnal man! He wants to be over who is approved and who is not approved - don't be ignorant of his devices. Saints, acting careful for nothing with any limits on God, worship him in spirit and in truth. No matter how faithful we serve the lord; he says his spirit shall not always strive with men. All must die physically but not spiritually unless something is done about it. What are u going 2 do about it? Calling on Jesus for salvation, not on flesh and blood – flesh and blood shall not inherit the kingdom of God. Is this room for error, and for falling short of the glory of God? Look at the virgin of Israel in Amos 5: 1-6 how she has fallen; it’s better to not know the lord then to know him and not keep his commandments, the virgin of Israel has fallen, and she can’t get up. This reminds me of how spiritualism has replaced willfully - prayer in our public schools and lift prayer behind. Propaganda wasn’t bad for Israel’s health until their heart got deeply involved deeply. Trusting in religion, and not in Jesus is a death sentence, be on the lookout, “be not wise in your own concepts Romans 12: 16 but fear the lord, and depart from evil. Rebellion is as witchcraft the moral decay of sin in all flesh all must die - time here on earth is limited, in the word of God tells us that Satan comes to kill, steal, and to destroy. Satan wants to kill the faith of Christ by stopping anyone from getting to the power in Jesus name. Jesus wants to know what she’s going to do with the SOP about religion or his faith - both go in opposite direction. “She is forsaken upon her land Amos 5: 2. Israel psychological dependence which gives victory is gone; even a lamentation. Make sure one understand the difference between religion and the faith of Jesus You know! It hurted the lord not to pick Israel up, but love is greater than hurt his love is. Amos 5: 4: for thus saith the Lord unto the house of Israel, Seek ye me, and ye shall live: The world is dying; I’m not talking about the earth I’m talking about the carnal perspective about living for one’s own desire. “Many shall depart from the faith” We got to keep casting the tree of faith into the waters. Young people don’t just keep Jesus to yourself carry him with you to college, carry him with you when you read materials that don’t have anything to do with him; he’ll make away out of know. God can do anything but fail. All your friends, all that we have can’t help you but Jesus can. When we leave here today knowbody can help you like Jesus can. Don’t open yourself up to be cursed by trusting in flesh and blood. Mommy and Daddy have to give an account of their deeds as well as you and I. If you want to be used by God deny yourself take up your cross and follow Jesus – make your relationship personal with the lord because he’s watching you. It’s not what we do for others that count but it’s what we do for the lord with his faith. Yes! Without faith it is impossible to please the lord. “Faith cometh by hearing and by hearing of the word of God” So when one calls on Jesus in the night be sincere call him with your heart; It might be the night that Jesus says let there be light but he has only one plan to do so, and that’s by the name of Jesus.

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