Summary: This sermon is a reminder of how important it is to watch what you say, and it shares insight into the spirit of the world and how it lived in the Pharisees.

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Daniel 4:32

Daniel4:32 - Luke5:21

Nebuchadnezzar and his pride come up before God, since he thinks that it is the atomic power. God knew what he was thinking and let him thought that. Most of the negative that we say out our mouth passes right on by, and he just records it in a book. Because Nebuchadnezzar went into an area that God hates, pride and arrogance all day long. Daniel 4:32 Now, if you’re already in that area God hates, he has mercy, as he shows it. It is true that God has no respect of person.

Whereas we better stay out of those areas if you’re not already in them, since Christians are choosing to go another way, they might meet the other side of God; the sides know one is able to stand up too.

When Nebuchadnezzar took credit for building great Babylon by the might of his power, and the majesty of his honor, God showed up. Since wisdom has been working in me, whereas my life would be in shambles without the fear of the Lord buried deep in my conscience, as we should all know that pride is an abomination to the Lord, because Nebuchadnezzar lost the kingdom, he shared a message for us to read until this day. Every idol word we utter, God listen’s to it and hold’s us accountable for them.

Because we have to be careful of what we say, for it will get you driven out of places. Verse 32 says in Daniel the 4th chapter Nebuchadnezzar got carried away; God turned everyone against him in Babylon. Seeing as how oxen’s have eaten grass, he was made to eat it. As things go it is terrible to fall in the hand of an angry God. In view of the fact that, we cannot do anything about what God does, if he doesn’t let us. God stop’s us from doing a lot of things but that don’t mean to give up.

As years pass we have nothing but memories that are sacred; we ought to think about the good things you notice and how you wondered how it all started the world and the people in it. Sometime God wants us to see his power, taking into reality that you see what he’s able to do. God already knows when he is going to do what he wants to do, and how many he’s taking home with him when he do it. Don’t forget that we are nothing but a vapor waiting to disappear.

The cause of why we should be happy, forasmuch as we have a loving God who cares about the feelings of our infirmities, we’re not forsaken or pushed ashore and abandon all alone. We’re not destroyed although we get cast down. If we’re going to make it in this world, we have to do it with the faith of Jesus Christ. When your life is tied up by sin, you only have one choice to make to find the key to free your life. Jesus is the key to all hope and without him there is no other hope.

At the time that, I called on Jesus, I’m sure glad I called him when I did that was the accepted time. This world wants us to call every name but the right name, what you gone do about it? During which time, your life is the most important life there is to know in Jesus. Jesus knows this because he’s waiting for you to do something good for your determination that you have in him. Yes, the lord awards us for our commitments and honors those if we keep them.

It’s about doing what Jesus says we have to do, in order that we go to heaven when that day comes around, and it will. Do all you can do for the Lord because he will remember all that you do? You can bet your last dollar on that.

The same spirit that provoked Nebuchadnezzar to move God, and he turned the kingdom of Babylon against him, and they drove him out, can be seen boasting against the forgiveness that Jesus gives to a paralytic man. They accused him, and Jesus has to abase them because of the same spirit. God moves on when someone lets it out. The Pharisees followed the law as though they were gods, and judged others because they did.

They did some of the same things the Pharisees accused them of. When I’m talking about Pharisees, I’m talking about masters of hypocrisy. Their faces don’t match what is in their heart.

Jesus is still making few of us out of believers, ever since he died on the cross and rose from the dead with all power to give to them who call his name. Since lessee I haven’t had another puppy like her, we can trust the word for our protection.

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