Summary: Encouragement for kingdom workers

Failure to respond to a call

Failure to respond to serve YAHWEH is equivalent to destruction. Failure to respond to YAHWEH’s call to accept YAHSHUA CHRIST as LORD is eternal damnation of your soul. What more can be said about this. This is actual disobedience to YAHWEH. HE will not allow disobedient people into HIS fold neither here on earth nor in heaven.

Further, the effects of people who have rejected YAHWEH have lingered on for generations to generation. The world is still reeling from Adam’s sin and from the sins of persons like Hitler, Stalin and the seemingly small act of Sara and Abraham wanting to help YAHWEH.

If you or your predecessors have failed to respond to YAHWEH’s call, you can still do so now. Repent which simply put means rethink your ways, submit to YAHWEH and HIS MESSIAH YAHSHUA, keep the commandments and obey YAHWEH.

In HIS own time, YAHWEH will make all things beautiful.


No one can hinder or thwart the purposes of YAHWEH. If you refuse, are unwilling and or unable to do HIS bidding , HE will replace you. HE is YAHWEH ELOHIM and beside HIM there is no other.

HE used a donkey, told Elijah to anoint a successor and used available persons as told throughout the Bible. Nothing is impossible with HIM.

Simply put failure to respond to a call from The MOST HIGH is a disaster.

All glory and honor to HIM.

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