Summary: We have to know that the Lord is listening to us, while we are going through difficult times

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After America uses the rest-room, she forgets to turn the light on, if I can really catch America, when she is just about to go in darkly as we all know it. I could teach her that there is a time for everything, a time to lose, a time to win, and a time to change. America doesn’t like her brother changing the channel on the TV, until she gets bored. We got to be ready to move when America makes up her mind. Her bulb of interest sometime goes dim, so we got to be ready.

It’s all about knowing the time. “For he saith I have heard thee in a time accepted, and in the Day of salvation have I succoured thee; behold, now is the day of salvation. (2Cor6:2) All you praying partners out there don’t give up, help is on the way. Since we know, he hears us; we have to continue to learn by faith. It is so important for you to talk to the lord when you want answers. Don’t you want to know strongly in your heart that the lord is listening to you, of course you do?

When you know by yourself alone, that he’s listening to you, you’re ready to make it. It’s time to make it your business to be in place, when the Day of Salvation comes around.

When we talk to the lord, we got to learn to stay in place because he’s coming around just like his word says. You can trust what the lord says. He’ll be our assistance in time of difficulty. When we need him, he’s always there like a Rescue Mission that shelters the homeless.

While we sometime take life for granted, it shows us grace, and it shows us who’s in control of the storms in the future. I just cannot get enough of (2Cor6:2) Only God has the power to reveal it to you, know body else.

America needs therapy, after she comes back to her nest and fined all her eggs missing. Since she has been gone away, another bird has taken over many of her nests. It appears that our young people are being eating up by the evil spirit.

The truth that is, you and I cannot change anyone. Pray that they make it back; your prayers today for family members, until they find grace. It’s just a real conversation about all the wrong we have done, and the Lord heard us.

Since I found out how much I need Jesus, and how happy he can make me, I’ve made him the remedy for me during difficult times. One of the largest mistakes Christians are making is, simply not waiting on the lord. If you really knew deep in your heart that the Lord was listening to you, there would not be any doubt about anything you need. Yes, God is a provider; whenever you doubting the Day of Salvation, he gives whosoever assurance.

It might be the time when everybody seems to be giving up on the right and left.

Before I found the Lord, it was so hard for me to find out who I really was. We are getting stronger each day, as we let go more of our own self-mage. The moment when you need him the most is probably the only time you’re going to find him. God wants us to need him, and he’s not going to force us to lean on him. Start leaning on the Lord right now for what you need.

Since we only have a limited amount of time to convince the Lord that we love him, let’s do whatever it takes to please him. Weeping may endure for a night but joy cometh in the morning, a Day of salvation, when he heard our cry.

Trials might get the best of us sometime when we don’t walk in clover; you can be situated but you got to know who’s been living on easy street forever. Trials can make us auspicious; you can be successful, as you are determine to carry Jesus through difficult times with you. Carrying Jesus doesn’t mean, you’re carrying him because you carry a bible around in your hand. We are blessed to be high on the hog with the joy of the lord working in us when we need him the most.

Calling Jesus by his name more then you read the bible only helps us to see him when we read the bible. Calling Jesus cleanses our soul; it prepares us to read about him, and it prepares us for studying to be approved before him. There’s a certain time the doors of the kingdom of God are open, don’t give up on the last lap. You’ll be glad that you didn’t because the Day of salvation is coming around.

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