Summary: Identification is done, now we look into the distant path and see Lucifer ruling in a perfect state until he decides he is to good to be where God wanted him to be, the war begins.

Rev. 12; Ezekiel 28:1-14; Isaih 14:11-15


It’s a fact that we don’t know what truly transpired in the distant past, we only have bits and pieces that God has left us in his word. We don’t know everything God did in the distant past and the things that Satan did is for the most part a mystery.

But have you ever stopped and pondered on the thoughts of why God has focused so much attention on earth? Of all the stars there are in the sky, all the worlds there must be out there, that he would focus that much attention on our little planet.

Our scientist estimate about 40 sectillion stars out there that can be seen by telescope and according to psalms 147:4 he knows them by number and calls them by name; that is enough information that it would take about 480 quadrillion books the size of a Webster’s dictionary just to contain the names. There is a constant estimation that there are stars that are billions of light years away and we are told there must be many more that we can’t see.

So I ask again, why is there so much interest on our tiny planet in the midst of this great Universe?

We can cover a lot of material and food for thought just dealing with this particular subject so I bring your attention to Revelation 9:1-12.

John is taken in the spirit to view the abyss a horrible prison designed for the torment of spiritual beings, as well as hold them captive; spirit beings can pass through solid matter but here they are held and here we are told that Satan will be placed for a thousand years and even he can’t escape it.

In Rev. 9 its only by God’s permissive will that these creatures, these strange and infernal spirit beings, who are fallen angels who are Satan’s evil agents. These beings have the appearance of locust, but are armor plated having the appearance of horses arrayed for battle and no man can hurt them. These locust type creature will not eat plant, or tree, but are sent forth to torment men for 5 months, in the next part of chapter nine they are given permission to kill 1/3 of mankind on the planet at that time. These creatures have an immediate King called apolloyon which means “Destroyer”!

Once again, how did they get down there in the first place? In the midst of 40 sectillion stars did God make earth a prison planet where it would receive the spiritual scourge of the galaxy or Universe?

Why is there a holy Mountain of Zion on Earth and in Rev 14 we see a Holy Mountain of Zion in heaven? Why is everything in the temple in heaven duplicated on earth in the tabernacle in the wilderness?

Now with all these questions we proceed to some answers.

· We know that Lucifer was highly exalted in his appointed position which was given by God himself.

· We know that according to scripture he ranked in power higher than all other angels and was as Joseph in Genesis which only superceded by the royal family, so Lucifer was only superceded by the Triune God head.

· We know that Lucifer highly flattered himself in the fact that he was so far out ranking the other angels and creations.

· We know by scripture he was content to serve God and lead worship as well as rule some other things of God, he wanted it all, something he could never have.

For one thing will not do, he will not share worship and that is the one thing Lucifer wanted most to be praised as the best of the best.


A. Ezekiel 28:1-13 Where Satan Lived!

1. He war a breastplate of precious stones as did the high priest in Israel, except there were a row of stones not included in his breastplate.

2. He walked in the stones of fire, precious stones where their brilliance would reflect the sun like fire.

3. He was in Eden, but not just the garden of Eden for it has no roads of precious stones to walk on it had the carpet of beautiful grass but no precious stones.

4. Satan is the anointed cherub that covereth, and God said I have set thee so..

4. thou wast upon my holy mountain!!

5. Thou wast perfect in they ways until iniquity was found in thee.

6. He was beautiful enough that he was impressed with himself.

7. His great blessings have filled him with violence.

8. Thou hast sinned!!!!!

B. The Earth as it was and how it is!

Everything God does is perfect and it remains that way until someone else messes it up.

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