Summary: We see the Glory of God in Jesus Christ.

Title: We Have Seen The Glory Of The Lord

Place: BLCC

Date: EASTER-2017

Text: John 1.14

CT: We see the Glory of God in Jesus Christ.

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FAS: [Tim Kellar says On Easter] I always say to my skeptical, secular friends that, even if they can't believe in the resurrection, they should want it to be true. Most of them care deeply about justice for the poor, alleviating hunger and disease, and caring for the environment. Yet many of them believe that the material world was caused by accident and that the world and everything in it will eventually simply burn up in the death of the sun.

They find it discouraging that so few people care about justice without realizing that their own worldview undermines any motivation to make the world a better place. Why sacrifice for the needs of others if in the end nothing we do will make any difference?

If the resurrection of Jesus happened, however, that means there's infinite hope and reason to pour ourselves out for the needs of the world.

N.T. Wright has written:

The message of the resurrection is that this world matters! That the injustices and pains of this present world must now be addressed with the news that healing, justice, and love have won.

If Easter means Jesus Christ is only raised in a spiritual sense—then it is only about me, and finding a new dimension in my personal spiritual life.

But if Jesus Christ is truly risen from the dead, Christianity becomes good news for the whole world—news which warms our hearts precisely because it isn't just about warming hearts. Easter means that in a world where injustice, violence and degradation are endemic, God is not prepared to tolerate such things—and that we will work and plan, with all the energy of God, to implement victory of Jesus over them all.

Tim Keller, The Reason for God (Penguin Books, 2009), pp. 210

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I get most of my sermons from what happens during the week. Last week I overheard some people trying to say Jesus fed the 5000 by getting everyone to just share what they had.

I will never allow anyone to tell me the power of Jesus is limited to what we as humans can imagine. Jesus is above our imagination. There are people who try to water down the miracles Jesus performed and the healing he did as something explained by a human way of thinking. Won’t see me buying that.

The minute we downplay the power of Jesus we degrade the cross and resurrection. We begin to lose what Jesus came to do for all of mankind. I for one will never underestimate what my Lord can do. I crank up Josh Wilson’s song, Pushing Back the Dark” anytime I feel a little discouraged or doubtful.

It says:

One million reasons why, you shouldn’t even try.

After all you’re just one heart, a single candle in the dark.

There are shadows here, feeding on your fear.

That you don’t have what it takes, who are you to make a change.

But oh oh

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Don’t underestimate the God you follow.

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My God’s Word, which is what I believe it is, God’s Word, opens up with this statement: IN THE BEGINNING GOD CREATED THE HEAVENS AND EARTH.

That pretty much covers any questions any one has about my Lord. He created everything that was, that is and will be.

When I walk outside and look around me at a world full of beauty and full of living things there for me to behold. [Screen 5]

I know I am seeing the Glory of the Lord.

The Glory of God is found in His Son Jesus Christ. Jesus had the power of God within Him.

Jesus is God. John 10.30, I and the Father are one.

The Apostle John writes that Jesus is God, John 1.14, The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us. We have seen his glory, the glory of the one and only Son, who came from the Father, full of grace and truth. [Screen 6]

When I see Jesus I know I see the Glory of the Lord.

Jesus revealed God’s glory in at least 40 miraculous events in the gospels. The first miracle about Jesus was his virgin birth. Can’t get past that one. Matthew 1.18, This is how the birth of Jesus the Messiah came about: His mother Mary was pledged to be married to Joseph, but before they came together, she was found to be pregnant through the Holy Spirit. [Screen 7]

When I read of the virgin birth I know I am seeing the Glory of the Lord.

Jesus’ first actual miracle we read about is at a wedding where they needed more wine. Jesus’ mom needed some help and Jesus was a good son and gave it.

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