Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: This is part four of a series on different false religions and how they differ from Christianity.

What Do You Believe?



A. Today we are continuing our series called “What do you believe?” We are talking about some of the major false religions that we are faced

with today such as Jehovah Witnesses, the Mormons, Scientology and Islam and why Christianity is different from them. Many Christians

today are confused about what they believe. They are not sure if other religions are okay or if they are the same as Christianity. Many

Christians have bought into the lie that there are many ways to God and Christianity is just another one of those ways.

B. We have been using what I am calling the three S’s as a way of determining whether a religion is true or false. They stand for Savior,

Salvation, and Scripture. All false religions differ from the Christian view on these three major issues.

1. Savior: All false religions change who Jesus really was. They do not believe that He is the ‘only way’ to heaven. Usually they follow

another prophet or holy man who is considered as good as Jesus.

2. Salvation: All false religions teach that a person must ‘earn’ their way to heaven. They don’t believe we are saved by grace, God’s


3. Scripture: All false religions teach that the Bible is ‘incomplete/outdated’ and there are ‘other’ holy books which are ‘more’ important.

C. So far we have looked at the beliefs of the Jehovah Witnesses and the Mormons, and Islam. Today we are going to talk about Scientology.

D. Why am I doing this teaching? I am not teaching this series so you can argue with people of other faiths. The main reason I am teaching this

is to help you establish what it is that you believe so that you are not lead astray and deceived. Sooner or later every Christian has to come

to grips with what it is that they really believe and if it is really different than other religions. I want to help you to see the ‘distinctives’ of your

faith. The second reason to equip you so that you can help others; friends, relatives, and co-workers, who are open and looking for truth.

History of Scientology

A. One of the most popular cults today, which has been brought to the fore front by Hollywood celebrities such as Tom Cruise and John

Travolta is the “Church of Scientology.”

(This is really what Scientologist believe, but they are not taught this until they get to the third level of training, which most never get to. I am

not at all condoning the South Park cartoon, it is an equal opportunity blasphemer! But this one episode really does tell what Scientologist

believe in a short two minute video. If you don’t play the video you might take a few minutes and explain what they believe about the aliens

coming to earth and inhabiting our bodies. It is really, really way out there!)

B. Scientology was started by L. Ron Hubbard. His first major work was published in 1950. The book was called, “Dianetics: the Modern

Science of Mental Health.” In it he offered a methodology designed to help alleviate such things as unwanted sensations and emotions,

irrational fears, and psychosomatic illnesses. The book became a best seller. In 1951, after seeing the popularity of his book, Hubbard

concluded that an individual was neither his body nor his mind, but rather an immortal spiritual being. And this became the true beginning of

scientology, as Hubbard moved from being an author to a spiritual leader. He also wrote another booklet that is widely distributed to

interested people called “The Way to Happiness.”

C. Scientolgist have worked hard on presenting a well respectable image in the community. They are well dressed, clean shaven, middle

class types who speak out against drugs, adultery, and pre-marital sex. They are the sponsors behind the “Narcanon’ drug rehabilitation

program and Crimanon a criminal rehabilitation program.

D. There are now over 7,300 scientology groups, missions, and churches in 163 countries around the world. There are 87,000 volunteer

ministers and they claim there are 8 million dedicated followers.

The beliefs of Scientology

A. Hubbard taught that mankind is descended from an alien race of gods called ‘thetans.’ Scientologist are encouraged to wake up their thetan

or god powers by removing all mental blocks called ‘engrams.’ Engrams are traumatic experiences from the past or from past lives which

stop spiritual progress. Dianetics teaches individuals how to clear oneself of all these hinderances.

B. The word “scientology” means “the study of knowledge or truth.” The main practice of Scientology is spiritual counseling called “auditing.” It

is seen as a form of personal counseling intended to help an individual look at his past hinderances or engrams. They use a set form of 200

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