Summary: Does your life and your church make God sick?

Isaiah 1:1-20

Scripture Reading Revelation 3:14-19

Proposition: You Must Repent of Your Sins!

I. Because your sin will be publicized! 1-4

A. The preacher knows. 1

B. The World knows. 2-4

II. Because You Cannot Stand the Reaping! 5-9

A. There is no comfort! 5,6

B. There is nothing spared! 7-9

III. Because Your Religious Ritual is Sickening! 10-15

A. It has no purpose! 10-14

B. It brings no fruit! 15

IV. Because God is Reasonable! 16-18

A. He tells you the way! 16-17

B. He gives you His promise! 18

V. Because the Warning is Clear! 19-20

A. Obedience is blessed! 19

B. Rebellion is damned! 20

Signs of a Dead Church

No Evangelism

No prayer meeting attendance

No pastoral support (not just money)

No testimony in the community

No power in the lives of the members

No newcomers welcomed into the founder’s clique

No unity or community among the members

No mention of the Lord at socials

No poor or minorities allowed

Bulletin – Revelation 3:1-3; 2:5

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