Summary: This sermon deals with the 3 questions that Jesus asked the religious pharisees and scribes that looked for fault in him. They provide us an interesting study of today’s world as well.

“What Went Ye Out for to See?”

Luke 7:24-28

Dr. Steven G. Cook

I. Introduction

A. Read Text – Luke 7:24-28

B. Background of John the Baptist –

(John 1:6-8; 15-18) (John 1:19-34)

C. Concerned about the ministry of John the Baptist, the Jewish leaders sent men to investigate.

D. Many today are curious about religious movements, churches, and preachers.

E. They come to services for many different reasons – May be that YOU have come today out of curiosity, pressure, etc.

F. Jesus Himself addressed these Jewish leaders in Luke 7:24-34, and He asked them 3 Revealing Questions about why they had come.

II. “A Reed Shaken in the Wind?” – Conformity (Lk. 7:24)

A. What a searching question Jesus asked them…… “What went ye out for to see? A Reed Shaken in the Wind?”

B. Like a reed by the river’s edge that yields to the strongest winds, these men were subject to yield to whatever religious trends were of the day.

C. The leadership of Israel during that day was far from God wanted them to be.

D. Instead of serving God, they were accustomed to serving self!

E. They did not want anyone coming and disrupting their program, nor did they want anyone to come and expose their sins!

F. These Pharisees were looking for someone who would fall in line with all of the other ducks in the pond…and God forbid that someone come and teach them the TRUTH.

G. Conformity is what sinners like the most… The reason the ACLU exists is to protect the gays and lesbians and heathen of our country!

H. What about Conformity in the live so Christians? Rom. 12:1-2

I. When churches, Christians, and denominations COMPROMISE with the World – failure is sure to follow!

J. Traditions of Men are another cause of failure in the church and the lives of believers.

K. These Pharisees were trying to straddle the fence – mixing world & Word will always lead to Conformity.

L. Ephesians 4:11-16 – Read

M. Preachers who have become “reeds shaken in the wind” are no good for anything – They cause more problems than anything else.

N. Christian friend, don’t yield to the winds of the world!

O. Be grounded and rooted in the Lord – Put on the whole armour of God that you may be able to stand and withstand against the devil.

III. “A Man in Soft Raiment?” – COMFORT (Lk. 7:25)

A. When you think of “soft raiment”, one should think of COMFORT.

B. These Pharisees were used to the “good life” of comfort and leisure, and they wondered whether or not John’s message promoted the same.

C. This is not what the CHURCH needs – Sadly, there are many

D. There are too many churches today that are promoting a health, wealth, and social gospel!

E. This is not the Gospel of the Word of God!

F. Jeremiah 6:16 – Ask for the Old Paths!

G. Give me that OLD TIME Religion! Satan would love to keep watering down the Gospel.

H. I believe it is good to help people live in this world, but the main message ought to be the world to come!

I. God never promised believers Comfort down here, only up there.

J. John’s life was a HARD LIFE, but he laid up treasure in heaven.

K. Notice verses 28-30 – His life was acknowledged by God Himself, and the Pharisees had Comfort, but were condemned!

IV. “A Prophet?” – CONVICTION (Lk. 7:26)

A. There were many in that day who “perverted the right ways of God” by preaching another gospel.

B. John the Baptist sounded a clear, distinct message – There was nothing false about him!

C. John’s message cut to the heart of those in attendance – It brought CONVICTION upon sinners of his day.

D. Listen to the message of John the Baptist – Read Mark 1:1-4

E. John preached Repentance! YOU cannot have regeneration without repentance! Luke 3:5; 8

F. Hosea 4:1 – “No truth, mercy, nor knowledge of God in the land”

G. WHY? Because many are giving forth an uncertain sound, IF they are sounding a trumpet at all!

H. What Went Ye Out for to See? How would YOU answer such questions as these?

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