Summary: Will you be a Demas or a John Mark? Demas never came back, but John Mark did. Don't turn back and you will not have to be either one of them.

I. The Crowd? John 6:65-69

2. If the glory stops? Luke 10:17, Acts 4:31

3. If there is no fame, only pain? Heb 11:25-39

4. When people think you are crazy? 2 Sam 12:21-23

5, When you or your situation is misunderstood? John 9:1-3

6. When you lose a loved one? 2 Sam 12:21-23, Job 1:18,19

7. When your support system fails? Job 2:9

8 When trials or persecution comes? 1 Tim 3:12, James 1:2, Heb 12:4. 1 Peter 4:16

Look Up! Move Forward! Don't Turn Back! Heb 12:1,2

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