Summary: How you can tell when God shows you what is in your heart.

In March of 1927 God sent a young named Peter Marshall to the U.S. He had a purpose, a plan of God a calling from on high to come to America and become a minister. Listen to Dr. Marshall’s words, “I was coming to the United States to enter the ministry, because I believed, with all my heart, that those were the orders from my Chief. But I did not know how or when or where. I could not foresee the wonderful way in which God would open doors of opportunity. I could never imagine the romantic, thrilling way in which God was to arrange my life.” A Man Called Peter, (pg.34)

In 2 Samuel 7 King David gets a call from God. The heavenly hotline has caused his heart to burn brightly. He, like Peter Marshall knew that God had a plan for him, a purpose, a calling that he had to do because God had flipped the light on in his heart.

We see cartoons that when someone has a bright idea a light bulb is shown over their head and it is a bright idea indeed. But think for a moment. How does God’s idea come into our hearts?

How can we know what to do and if that is what God would have us do? First in introduction let me say that being faithful in the little things is how God assigns bigger things. If we can’t be kind, loving, faithful, obedient in the little things God certainly won’t trust us with a bigger purpose in his Divine plan.

But when we are faithful in the little then God desires and Designs a God-sized task. Many Christians know this but never truly see it happen in their own lives. Why?

Doesn’t God truly desire to flip the light on in all our hearts? Doesn’t He really want “all men to be saved and come into the knowledge of the truth?” (1 Timothy 2:4)

Let’s see how God turns the light on and the way we can know it’s His will for us…..2 Samuel 7:1-9

By the time we reach 2 Samuel 7 David is 30 years old and finally king over all of Israel. He had been chosen by God to be the king several years before. Some say David was as young as 17 or early twenties when he killed Goliath. Whatever the age the point is clear God will use us greatly for Him but we also have to show ourselves faithful in the little to be anointed for the big.

Let’s look at two tremendous truths that show us how to know, and trust God’s purpose and promise in our lives when He turns the light on.

I. God’s Purpose for our lives (v.1-2, 4-8)

King David had been on the run for years because King Saul was jealous of David and wanted him dead. David even had opportunities to kill Saul. Temptations to do what is wrong to promote ourselves are always available. What do we do with those opportunities?

Those are the times we have to see are the most valuable. God will show his purpose to us but we have to then allow God to work through us. When God calls you, tells you to do something even if it’s speak rightly to someone, show kindness, grant mercy, express His love, it’s not for His benefit, it’s for ours.

Here in v.8 God through the prophet Nathan reminds David of where he was when God first turned the light on. David you were just a young man watching sheep, dreaming big but didn’t know if you would ever leave your wooly ways.

Would he have to spend the rest of his life counting sheep to get to sleep and maybe turn out playing his harp with the Bah…back up singers?

Peter Marshall came to America on April 5th, 1927. All he knew was that God had called him from his home in Scotland to a new land.

He knew God turned on a purpose but didn’t know where that purpose might lead. It led him first working a job in New Jersey and eventually to Birmingham Alabama.

There he started teaching a men’s Bible class. Finally he was accepted to a Presbyterian Seminary named Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur Ga.

He knew God would provide but he didn’t know how. The men’s Bible class wrote him a letter, They said, that knew God had called him and wanted him to realize his dreams. They also knew ministry was discouraging and that the enemy would constantly harass him. They wanted to help. They paid for his entire first year. (pg.44)

It’s in those times when you are faithful in whatever small thing God has before you that God speaks in such a powerful way.

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