Summary: A call to guide and encourage one another from Scripture.

20010902a – 2 Timothy 4.1-8

“When It’s Convenient – When It’s Not”


There are three things we need to do with the Word, when it is convenient and welcome and when it is not. We need to do these because people will gather (lit “heap up”) teachers who tell them what they want to hear. But not what they need in order to be liberated and to live as God designed.

A frequent ordination text, but there is a flaw; this is not a Sr. Pastor job description – it is about the place of the Word in anyone’s ministry.

The problem: Spiritual Channel-surfers.

(play with this analogy a little)

Novelty? Felt need? Suit desires..

There is a lot of selective listening going on.

Lit. “piling up” mounds of teachers. Clicking. Surfing.

· TV media (click… click .. click…)

· Talk radio (choose your bias and confirm it)

· Web (so much info, so little discernment)

· Just our culture in general…

And not finding what we really need.

It looks like freedom (hold up remote) but its bondage.

The solution: A Balanced Diet of Scripture.

So, if we’re to “preach” (proclaim) it in season and out, how? …

1. CORRECT/EXPOSE [doubts>argument>intellectual>convince]

Woychuk: “convict of wrong and sin by the searching light and power of the Scriptures.”

See Eph 5.13 (don’t participate; rather, expose)

This is what we do in Matthew 18.15 “If someone sins against you…” First step is one-to-one, and the reason may be it’s the same word, here. In other words, someone may be sinning against you and not realizing the damage done, so go to him first and expose it. Bring it to light.

It’s making people aware when there is something they are not seeing.

To do this is to simply speak what God has spoken.

We need to speak to others in a way that will bring truth as light; bring to light or expose sin and error. This is not first of all the idea of reprimand or warning; it is just letting the truth be known.

Example: a noise in the yard and Midnight, and you turn on the light.

Illust: bringing up awkward subjects???

2. REBUKE/CENSURE [sins>reproof>moral>rebuke]

“This is a very strong word (epitimao) and means to censure, to blame, to charge and prove guilty, even in the face of opposition.”

Here the emphasis is on censure. This may be the person who knows better (has light enough to see) and needs to be told he/she is not living by the truth.

Illust of someone who knows better, but needs correction in a rebuke.

“You know better.”

Not the same as condemning or accusing – Satan does that!

Examples from Scripture are:

· Nathan to David – you are the man. 2Sam12.7

· Mt. 16.22 Peter to Jesus

· Mt. 19.13 Disciples to kids

· Mr. 1.25 Demon (lots of times used this way – perhaps 50% of occurrences in gospels?)

· One thief to another in Luke 23.40

3. ENCOURAGE [fears>appeal>emotional>motivate]

NOT just a pat on the back!

Wiersbe – cf. an old maxim for preachers: “He should afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted”

This is parakaleo; it is the idea of coming to/summoning to someone’s aid.

So this is an important need for preaching the Word, but how does it stand against those who have ”itching ears?” This is more like the Spirit through the Word putting an arm around us and saying, “Come this way.”

· Acts 2.40 “Be saved from this perverse generation!”

· Acts 14.22 Encourages disciples to continue in faith.

· Romans 12.1 “I __ you … living sacrifice.”

· Corinth, vs. divisions

· Eph 4.1 Walk worthy!

· Php 4.2 Ladies to live in harmony.

It’s Not Easy

So, how do you do it???

Another “But YOU…” (.5)

· Keep your head… (sobriety) think clearly, be aware - intelligent

· Endure hardship… patience!

· Do evangelism… remember this is good news!

· Fulfill your diakonia/serving… (show you really care) Buy drink illust?


(.3) for the kairos will come

(.6) for I am already being poured out…

This was perhaps even within days of his martyrdom

He’s aware that we have just so many opportunities and then no more.

Today is the day of salvation

(refer to bulletin cover depicting this scripture)..

So – urgency! – (.2) preach the Word, in-season and off-season.

(Now Paul was in Rome, alone, realizing what it would take to leave a living legacy.)

How much do we talk about the Bible even to one another? ARE we really “people of the book”?

IF so, let’s use it and share it!

If no preacher, how???

“Blessed are the feet of those who bring good news.”

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