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Summary: Mothers Day sermon from on of the greatest passages about love.

When Trying to Figure Out How To Love, Look At Your Mom

I John 3:11-24


A. It is mother’s day

B. No it is not a day we just have for the fun of it


D. Mothers act out of love

E. You can never escape that love of your mother

F. John must have been thinking about his own mom when he wrote this section

G. When trying to figure out how to love, look at your mom

H. We are going to look at three components of love.

I. Mother’s Love for Her Kids (11-15)

A. Explanation

1. John reminds us in vs. 11 something that John knows his readers know. This is something that they have been taught for 2000 years. You would think that by now they would understand

2. Notice we have Cain and Able mentioned in verse 14.

3. WE all know that Cain offered the leftovers to God, while able gave God the best. Well God liked Able’s gift better and Cain became upset

4. (A little side note) The word they use in Vs 12 for murder literally means cut his brother’s throat. Nobody wants to read that

5. John usually uses dear friend or dear children; however, in verse 13 he uses brothers. Because this is something he has faced too.

I. John had John 15:18 in mind when he wrote this verse

6. Look how vs. 14 is worded It is not that we because we have loved that we passed from death to life, rather the love is the evidence of doing so.

7. The opposite of that of course is hate. If we hate, then there is no evidence of being in the light

8. John realizes the importance of love. Murder is done out of hate. Hate has no place in the eternal kingdom

B. Application

1. Let figure out what this means to us

2. Notice how this all began. It began out of laziness and selfishness

3. Out of that laziness and selfishness hate is formed

4. These are not new principles, however they are just as important today

5. Everything that we do needs to be done out of love.

C. Illustration

Mothers really make this a lot easier to understand. Our Mothers always act in love. They do no know hate. They definitely are not lazy or selfish either. They cooked us food, cleaned our clothes. Did everything for us. They just love us. That picture of a mother is what John is aiming for.

II. Mother’s love for her Neighbors (16-20)

A. Explanation

1. Jesus laid his life down for us. (AMEN?)

2. This is the most extreme example of love. Jesus to lay down His life is a lot more then animal sacrifices.

3. After John reminds us what Christ did he tell us what our reaction should be.

4. John did not mention any specific way. That was on purpose. There are countless ways to act this out. If would have mentioned any we would make a doctrine of how to show love and they would be the only acceptable ways

5. Get This, Love without action is worthless! READ 18

6. John makes a statement here that is really hard to swallow. (Read 19-20)

7. We are told to rejoice when we are convicted

B. Application

1. What does this mean today? How can we apply it to our lives

2. John started out with the greatest sacrifice imaginable. Jesus

3. We never should forget what Jesus did for us. Remember that daily

4. However, we are to display the same love for our neighbors

5. If your neighbor is need help him out

6. This is not a social Gospel. This is the Gospel. This is what we are suppose to do

7. You say you love your brothers, but do you?

8. Love without deeds is in the dark

9. By the way you need not to worry about if you are acting our your love. God will let you know. He control our hearts and our hearts can and will condemn us.

C. Illustration.

1. Once again because of our mothers we can better understand this passage. Our mothers know what it means to lay down their lives sacrificially. There main focus is on their Kid. They care so much for their kid. If their kid needs anything the mom would do her best to give it to the kid. Mothers are often then ones who will sign up for the compassion kids after seeing the Commercial, they want to show their love. Mothers are wonderful.

III. Mothers Love for God (21-24)

A. Explanation

1. John continues the thought of our heart condemning us. However, he now goes for the opposite of that (Read 21) isn’t that amazing?!?!

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