Summary: The fire of God or wild fire?

Everyone receives the Spirit at the time of their new birth, but He does not always recieve all of them. The Corinthians mistook the gifts as the fire of God when really the fire of God is what takes place within you as it was with them on the Emmaus road when the Word of God becomes a part of you during the intimate fellowship time you share with Him in your Mary moments between the Martha moments or life. The thrill is when you balance the moments and while in service as Martha you can also worship and learn as Mary at His feet.

The sign gifts were for the Jews. Paul clearly states that the Jews require a sign and Gentiles knowledge. When the Tribulation is upon the world and the 144,000 witnesses are again preaching the Kingdom to the Jews those signs will again be active.

Jesus said a wicked and adulterous generation would not receive any sign except of Jonah or as we now understand Christ's resurrection. Can we imagine a far more wicked and adulterous generation than ours?

Indeed, the signs do not even prove salvation since many in Matt 7 will be pointing the the signs and miracles they performed in His name and yet they will be cast out as unknowns.

We are warned that the False Prophet and certainly the Anti-Christ will be able to do some pretty miraculous things so wonderful that if it were possilble the very elect would be decieved.

And just as in the days of Corinth the showy gifts are desired and the least of all the gifts is exalted and even made to be a sign of salvation or that you cannot be saved without that gift.

Preaching/prophesying sound doctrine is not desired and yet that is the one gift Paul said to seek for it is the most profitable gift for the church and the world. Instead itching ears are scratched and emotions titillated. The Holy Ghost is called upon to perform miracles at 10, 2 and 4 like some carnival act in an atmosphere much like a carnival or rock concert where the cash flows for the one on the stage.

This is not the fire of God but rather carnal wildfire. The fire of God brings about a boldness and zeal for winning souls to Christ, caring for the aged, the poor and visiting the sick and imprisoned. It brings a holiness of character that expresses itself in every aspect of life. It does not cater to the seeker for none seek after God. The fire of God seeks after them to save or to consume in Hell fire.

It brings about, as many of the brethren have learned, the martyr's crown not Armani suits, best selling books, TV shows and admiration of the world. It bows not to the world to kiss its ring or feet for the fire of God has conguered the world and now offers pardon or judgment to the souls in the world. It does not beg the world's acceptance by catering to its cultural fads but rather issues an ultimatum. Be saved or damned. Choose love or death and do it today for now is the day of salvation.

Yea, the fire of God is inextinguishable but it's purpose is far different than what may crave today. It's evidences are not as flashy as many want but the aftermath of being touched by the fire of God is as eternal as the fire itself. Does your heart burn within you or are you too distracted by wildfire to allow it to penetrate deep into your soul? May God's fire rage with you to change you and in turn change the world as it did in the first century.

Oh Lord, let be so in my life and the rest of Your children!!! Maranatha!!

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