Summary: Introduction 1.


1. They had been married for ten years. Their relationship had been so good that there was no doubt that it had been made in heaven. They had three beautiful children. They had worked hard to build up their farm. They were a real team. They had been so busy with everything that they had not really spent much time alone together and so when he suggested they go away for a weekend it seemed like a good idea. At first it seemed strange just being together with no work to do or children to look after, but then they started talking about how the other had been such a blessing. They appreciated what each one had done. They talked about their hopes and dreams. God had been so good to them and their future was filled with hope. When they got home they seemed even more to appreciate one another. Their love had been renewed and strengthened.

2. In any relationship it is good to spend some time thinking about that relationship and expressing our thanksgiving for it.

3. During the past number of weeks we have been thinking about our relationship with God. His commitment to us and how we are to respond in trust and obedience.

4. But there is more than simply trusting and obeying God. And David shares with us His response to God for the promises God had just made to Him .

5. Promises we discussed last week. Promises of building a house, a dynasty so that his descendants would rule forever. Promise of rest from his enemies.

6. Today we see how David responds, for I believe God wants us to respond more than trust or obedience. We can do those things in a rather mechanical way. I recently saw on a TV report, a marriage or relationship may seem good but is not. It may have all the right outer actions but unless their is emotion or feeling in the marriage, there is a good possibility that the marriage will not last. And so as we examine David’s response today we see that it is a response filled with emotion.

7. I ask you to examine yourself and whether you also may share in how David feels.

8. Two weeks ago in Welland sang a song of praise. (Shout to the Lord". Words included "I sing for joy at the work of your hands, forever I’ll love you, forever I’ll stand". The words and music hit me harder than I expected. Tears rolled down my cheek in joy. I sang from my heart - I felt overwhelmed.

9. I believe we love the Lord, but I also see so many guarded in their feelings. "Not pray out loud - I may cry. I’ll feel embarrassed".

10. At the end of this message we will sing "I love you Lord". As we listen to David today may his words become our words and may we feel free to express our love to God.

11. Lets listen to David.


1. David goes in to the tent were the ark was kept. Although we can talk to God anywhere, sometimes it is good to come to a place where we sense God’s presence. Some of you have at times come into this sanctuary to pray before God. It makes it a special time.

2. After hearing all that he heard, David begins with the words "Who am I, O Sovereign Lord". "Lord, you are God, you are Sovereign. You can do whatever you want. Yu can choose anyone or any people on earth to rule." (Pss 8:3-4)

3. Why does God even care about man let alone me? David has a sense of humility. He comes from the tribe of Judah whom God had told through Jacob would rule forever in Gen 49. The royal tribe. And yet that does not make David proud or even give a reason why God chose his family.

4. It is humbling to really to think about what God has done for us. For how far He has brought us. Even in time I have been part of your life I have seen God’s hand upon you. Struggles but in many cases you have drawn closer to Him. Even in crops - this year - concerns - yet harvest will provide.

5. Think of how many of you came to this land with nothing - strange language, no work, an unknown future. Yet look at where today - your homes, wealth, your children and all that with which God has blessed you. We can say we worked hard but it is really God’s grace that has provided.

6. David thanks God for bringing him this far.

7. What is it we can thank God for doing in our lives? God has been committed to us and we see evidence of that.

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