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Summary: Identity is majorly important to a persons effectiveness in the kingdom. This particular message delivered 5 youth in my church from Homosexuality, under the bases that you’re nothing until you find out who God says you are, and God says, "you’re not gay.

“Who Do You Think You Are?”

Matthew 16:13

I) Introduction

a) There is an overwhelming sense of failure looming over our people

b) Caused by a lack of confidence

c) Caused by an identity crisis

d) Jesus knew that identity was important and crucial to purpose

e) There are three (3) facets to identity;

1) Who people say you are

2) Who you say you are

3) Who you really are

II) What’s In A Name?

a) Your name doesn’t define you, it assigns you (to a place/existence)

b) Shakespeare, “a rose by any other name would still smell as sweet.”

c) Your name doesn’t give character to you, you give character to your name

d) Gen 2:19 (Adam-Heb for Man)

e) Adam names Eve;(Gen 3:20) Eve=Heb for life

III) Who Do People Say You Are?

a) What people say about you is important, but not as important as you think;

1) It may help us see how we are or are not presenting ourselves… (You should

have control in how people perceive and relate to you)

2) It tells us just how close to God we’re getting (folk talking about your


b) Take what they say to help you examine yourself and;

1) Decide if you really know who you are

2) If you like who you are

3) If you are accurately depicting who you are

IV) Who Do You Say You Are?

a) Built on usually what other people think and the society standards

b) Determines your effectiveness in life

1) Positive thinking => Success

2) Negative Thinking => Failure

* Accept your weaknesses, for in essence they make

you stronger (2Cor 12:7-10) “…For when I am weak, then I am strong.”

c) Some people are trained to have a negative perception of themselves by;

1) Society (Physical, Ethnic, Gender, ect)

2) Friends (Intimidating, Jealous)

3) Parents (Non-supportive, abusive)

V) Who you really are (Jeremiah 1:5)

Sanctify= set apart, to dedicate to as Holy for God’s


a) Isn’t dependent upon what others say

b) It isn’t swayed by what you say/think

c) It is who God has made us to be

d) Your conditions can’t define you

e) Find out who God says you are & be it

1) Until you do you’ll just be

a) Fronting

b) Casting yourself into turmoil (God’s perfect will)

2) The only way to do it is

a) Submit yourself to God (Stop trying to do it your way)

b) Read the word (Find out how God is calling you to live)

c) Pray

d) Get around the right people; your real friends know who you really are

(Verse 15. Peter responds in Verses 16-17)

f) You only truly find out who you really are through Christ (Verse 17-18)

1) Once Simon(Peter) was able to discern who Jesus Was, he learned who he was

(Peter=Rock / Loretta=Bishop)

g) There is a blessing, a purpose, and power in your identity (Verses 18-19)

The Purpose: Rock Of The Church (Vs 18)

The Blessing: The Keys To The Kingdom (Vs 19)

The Power: Binding & Loosing, Gates of hell shall not


(hades / hell)

Dockrey-Godwin-Godwin “Student Bible Dictionary”

Hades: Place or state of the dead.

Hell: Place and condition of eternal punishment for those who reject Jesus Christ as

Lord and Savior

***No unsaved, bound, tortured soul can bring you down from the high place of blessing, power, and purpose that God will set you into.

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