3-Week Series: Double Blessing


Summary: Do not point the finger if you have not looked into the mirror yourself.

Who Me?

II Samuel 11:1-17,26-27,12:1-7

I would like to use for a subject this morning “Who Me” turn to your neighbor and say Who ME? Now turn to your other neighbor and say Who Me. No close your eyes and say to yourself. Yeah You.

Now let me start off by stating that the Lord did not sent me here today with this message to make you comfortable with your present state of being. He did not send me here to praise you and tell you that you got it going on because you usher, sing in the choir, aint missed a Sunday since anyone can remember.

I want to talk about some problems we have as Christians that cause us to be out of fellowship with the Lord. Problems that cause us to loose focus on the Lord will and zero in on our will. This story of David should give us pause to be mindful and prayerful not to fall into the same traps that David experienced.

And you might say well brother preacher I’m not going to commit adultery or kill anyone; this may be true but the trap that I am talking about, and this story is teaching, is the trap of allowing the flesh to take over and rule our lives. David in his short comings of this story screams a message of “don’t be like me.” This message should ring loud and clear to us like a parent teaching a child not to make the same mistakes they have made. That I have been down the same road you are about to travel and I am trying to help you go another way. In David’s blue print of what not to do, I have three points for us to keep in mind this morning.

My first point is the fact that from time to time we all get a little too comfortable with our Christianity. We lose focus on God’s will and we allow our own will to supersede God’s plan. Getting comfortable in our Christianity is dangerous because we allow Satin to deceive us into feeling and thinking that we can relax God’s law or God’s commandments. What do you mean preacher. I’m Glad you asked. Your attitude toward sin changes the closer issues of sin get to you, Let me put it another way. You might look at divorce a little differently when it’s someone in your immediate family, or you may look differently on homosexuality, drugs, abortion and the list goes on, getting comfortable with our Christianity will cause a response of “that’s not so bad” or “that’s all right” Oh that’s just cousin my cousin, He’s alright he is just gay and he can’t help it. But we won’t allow God to use us as a Nathan to say no that’s not alright, it is wrong according to the Word of God.

We get relaxed enough to allow someone or something to come into you life and take over and that thing or that person unbeknownst to you have become your idol god and you live to satisfy that thing or that person and you don’t even realize it.

You hear the word and you know the word but you are holding on to an unpromised chance of a death bed confession of “Lord save me” or “Lord forgive me” A confession only sincere as a result of your present circumstance of death.

Becoming comfortable with your present state and taking you eyes off the Lord was the problem of David in our text this morning. No verse one of our text this morning gives us the clues of David becoming comfortable with his present state. Samuel II 11:1 And it came to pass, after the year was expired, at the time when kings go forth to battle, that David sent Joab, and his servants with him, and all Israel; and they destroyed the children of Ammon, and besieged Rabbah. But David tarried still at Jerusalem.

David when he should have been out in battle with his troops is back at the palace relaxing, chilling, letting his guard down, enjoying his wealth, power and his kingdom. No you know the saying about an idle mind, but idle actions permeate sin as well.

David gets comfortable and allows the flesh to take over and lead his actions and his life, Nowhere in this story before Nathan came along did David pray, talk to the Lord or have anything to do with God. Thus his situation begins to go from bad to worse and with his actions and he finds himself so out there, who knows how far he would have gone before God sent Nathan with prophetic words to cause David to come to himself. Thank God for the Nathan’s of our lives.

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