Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Part 2 of 3 in Stewardship Series. Each of us can and should become a superhero in Christ who is mentally strong, has unlimited power, special talents and serves a much greater cause!



PART 2: TALENT 1 Peter 4:7-11

Rev. Todd Leupold Perth Bible Church Sunday AM November 4, 2007


Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you’re probably noticed that one of the most guaranteed best-selling topics today (whether it be a movie, TV, video game, toy, book) is superheroes. It should not be surprising, then, that one or the new reality TV hits is one called “Who Wants To Be A Superhero?”

Thousands of people audition for each season by creating their own, personal super hero ’creation’ complete with costume, powers, name and catch phrase. Here is just a sample of those super few chosen to compete in Seasons 1 & 2 for the right to have their own comic book (show slide show).

Now, I must admit, we have watched 2 or 3 episodes ourselves for the humor. Let me tell you, these people are all VERY serious and emotional about this – as it would seem are many of the millions of viewers. Nevertheless, it’s awfully hard to see any of this and not laugh, groan, and pity these poor folks whose hopes and dreams amount to this.

Yet, the truth that most of us don’t like to publicly admit is that ALL of us have a secret desire to be a superhero of one sort or another (put on Bibleman costume). Supermom, Superdad, The Amazing Accountant, Miraculous Healer, The Peacemaker, Time Freezer, Avenger, etc. Who doesn’t ever wish they couldn’t do something impressive that no one else can do? Change the world? Bring justice to evildoers? Wisdom to the ignorant? Manners to the obnoxious? Be the person everybody else wishes that they were?!

This morning, in the second part of our series on Stewardship That Loves God Absolutely & Loves Others Sacrificially, I pray that ALL of us will see that Jesus desires for each and every one of His followers to be a Superhero and offers us all the divine empowerment necessary to be a real life superhero! In fact, as we will see, the Bible tells us that any Christian who is not an extra-ordinary, super and distinctly different person is less than devoted and failing to glorify Christ.



In these verses, inspired and given to us by God Himself, we see that each of us can become a superhero in Christ who (1) is mentally strong, (2) has unlimited power, (3) special talents and (4) serves a much greater cause!

Our Cause v. 7a

Our “Cause,” the reason the world need as many Christ-empowered superheroes as it can hold, the reason we ourselves need to allow Christ to turn us into His superheroes is the pulse-stuttering truth that “the end of all things is near.”

One day, sooner than any of us really think or most of us are likely be truly prepared for, God is going to bring this chaotic spinning top infected by sin and selfishness to an absolute halt! Christ WILL return not only as Savior but as King of Kings. Christ will take His own out this world to be brought first and foremost before His Judgment Throne. Each and every one of us believers will have our lives dissected and judged by Christ – not for salvation but in examination of the life which we have chosen to or not to live for God. What have we done with the time, talents, and treasures He has offered us for His glory?

Meanwhile, the time for unbelievers to see His light, be touched by His Body, and receive His grace and salvation will pass for all eternity!

The question, then, is: how will each of God’s people spend what relatively little time remains? What will we do with what He has entrusted and offered us?

Everyone Who Follows Christ Should Be A Superhero v. 10

Verse 10 summarizes this section:

The key word in this verse is “everyone”! NOT “the pastor.” Not “the extroverts.” Not “whosoever has abundant free time on their hands.” Not “the young” or “the old.” Not “the educated,” “the trained,” or “the obviously talented ones.” Not “the rich,” “the comfortable,” or “the poor.” Not “the city folk” or “people who go to a mega church.” Not “the single,” “the married,” “the childless,” or “the widowed.”

God’s word says EVERYONE! Each and every single person who has chosen to be His disciple!

EVERYONE in Christ is gifted to supernatural service.

EVERYONE in Christ is called to supernatural service.

EVERYONE in Christ is commissioned to be stewards of God’s manifold and supernatural grace!

Christ’s Superheroes Are Mentally Strong v. 7b

“sober”, “clear-headed,” “sound-minded” and “disciplined”

It is essentially that we are first and foremost mentally strong in Him.

Unlike one who is intoxicated with alcohol, power, pride, or even self-doubt, we will be Christ’s Superheroes when we have a clear understanding of who we are and are not – particularly in Him - seeing things clearly and how they really are, acting appropriately.

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