Summary: This sermons allows one to understand that one should not question God when He is using them to improve their life for the better, no matter how bad or tragic the situation gets.

My brothers and sisters we are living in the last and evil days, my brothers and sisters we are living in some crucial times. We are living in a time were everybody is in everybody’s business, We are living in a world where stuff is happening all over the world and our leaders are needing to step up and be leaders. We are living in a dog e dog and crab e crab society. We are living in a world were there is a lack of wise men in our land. Our children have a lack of Role Models, our sons have a lack of Fathers and our churches are lacking Pastors. Come on run with me, since I do not have time for a big introduction lets get right into our lesson.

Here in our text today we are examining Solomon’s wisdom. You do remember Solomon? He was David’s son by Bathsheba; he was chosen to rule over Israel and Judah. You remember Solomon who fell off in his old age because he had his heart turned away from God. You remember Solomon who loved those strange women, had those out of town lovers, and he married out of his kingdom. You do remember Solomon don’t you? Well here today in the text we are looking at the first example of Solomon’s wisdom.

One of the 1st things we see that as soon as Solomon had asked God for wisdom and it was granted, he was immediately tested in that area. (Is that not just like God?)

- soon as we pray about something we get tested in it

- soon as we declare victory in an area we get tested

- soon as we say that we not going to do this and that we get tested

- soon as a little extra money come in we get tested

- soon as we think we are over our stronghold we get tested, is that just like God?

So the Bible says that these two women came to King Solomon with a problem. And wouldn’t you know, it was a woman that came to the King first time out with difficult questions! (I do not mean to get side tracked)

Women know they can ask some difficult questions, can’t they? You know they love those who, what, when, where and why questions? Any men in here know that a woman can ask some questions? How bout any kids that know their momma can ask some questions? You know those W questions, come home a little later than you normally do or don’t be where your parents think you ought to be. 1st thing they say is, who was you with? What have you been doing? When are you coming home? Where have you been? Why you do this or why you do that? I am sure someone in here has had to answer these questions. Not only do the kids have to answer these questions, but some of us men have had to answer these difficult questions too. Some women have missed their calling, they should have been the Chief of Police, Fire Investigator or Private Detective. They can question you down let me tell you. I mean some of you mothers should have been on CSI, Hawaii Five O, Starsky and Hutch or Law and Order, somewhere; they would have never lost a case. These women know they can ask some tuff questions can’t they?

Back to our text, we investigate Solomon and this situation he was put in, we want to see if we can pick up on some of his wisdom and take it with us as he answers these tough questions. Want to see if Solomon can shed some insight on these women with these tough questions.

Who – The two prostitutes came to see Solomon.

They were not Godly people, they were not part of the Royal Court, they were not even two that had paid their tithes. We see that two ungodly people were 1st up to have their case tried by Solomon. Solomon did not have to deal with them if he did not want to, but he did, why? 1st of all we see that Solomon shows us his wisdom and the reason why God blessed him because God knew Solomon would not get the big head and turn his face from the people who needed him the most. Solomon dealt with the people right where they were, he did not wait for them to get right. God loved them, so he showed concern and love for them just like God does.

A. 1st thing we learn from these women and from Solomon is that we need to start showing concern for people that we come in contact with where they are at. Just because they are not Godly, does not mean that we do not deal with them, we do not wait to get them at church on Sunday morning before we can bless there lives, we do not ask them questions on top of questions.

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