Summary: Our spiritual walk is defined by: bearing fruit, growing as we walk, empowered with each step, and giving thanks throughout the walk.

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Scripture: COLOSSIANS 1:9-14

Dr. Thomas J. Doubt, Senior Pastor

Four Mile Creek Baptist Church

June 1, 2001


A. Walking has become big business, big news.

1. Supreme Court got involved in whether you walk or ride in PGA. Casey Martin has severe disorder in right leg. The Supreme Court said he did not have to walk the golf course. Opinions are divided on whether golf cart riding is part of the game of golf.

2. In our spiritual life we need constant assistance with our walk. We begin by admitting we are weak. Our plea to Jesus: Just A Closer Walk With Thee

B. Paul’s prayer to the Colossians asks for strength in their walk.


A. Paul’s prayer is intercession on behalf of Christians in Colossae. He had heard a good report from Epaphras. Paul’s joy not merely that they received Gospel. Rather, that they were bearing fruit (v 6).

1. It is a joy for us to see a believer taking their 1st steps, much like the joy when see toddler take 1st step.

2. Full joy comes in watching growth; seeing them walking stronger.

B. Our spiritual walk begins with decision where to walk. Paul defines wholly walking holy by 4 participle clauses:

Our walk defined by bearing fruit (v 10)

As we walk, we are growing into full knowledge of God (v 10)

At each step, we are being empowered by the Lord (v 11)

Throughout walk, we giving thanks to Father for inheritance (v 12)



1. If we to please God, we must be fruitful in good works (v 10)

2. Jesus said a good tree will bear good fruit (Matt 7:17)

3. Illustration: Reading a book on growing grapes [P.M. Wagner, A Wine Growers Guide, 1996] gave me insight into Jesus’ words. Wild female vines cannot bear fruit unaided; they have a defective stamen. Living outside God’s will does not produce good work or fruit. Cross-pollination does not change the character of fruit. Planting a good vine in bad ground will not produce good fruit, nor will planting a bad vine in good soil yield a harvest of good grapes; it depends on the character of the vine and the foundation in which it is planted.

4. Apply: bearing fruit in every good work requires the right combination. God the Father provides the fertile ground. His Son is the vine on which we grow. The Holy Spirit creates conditions optimal for bearing fruit.


1. Growing into the full knowledge of God (v 10). We begin our 1st steps not knowing very much. Each step results in greater knowledge of the truth of Jesus Christ.

2. Illustrate: tourists going through a town saw an old man on a park bench. They asked “were any great men born in this town?” His reply: “No, only babies.” [source unknown] Great men & women develop step-by-step in their walk with Lord.

3. We are not to be carried away by error, but to grow in grace & knowledge (2 Pet 3:17). Many types of fish in an aquarium are limited by the size of the tank. Put in a larger tank, they will grow further. Too many Christians never get into a larger tank to grow. So, today, you will find some of the cutest 6 inch believers you’ll ever see; they never grow to a foot-long servant of the Lord.

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