Summary: Who gets to determine if you are beautiful, yoo, the culture or God?

Christian ladies, put down your Cosmo or whatever else you use as a mentor to tell you what beauty is and how you should look. So many ladies try to match those standards and if they do not they are depressed and may do some pretty drastic things to try and achieve the unnecessary. They nay become anorexic, bulimic and use lots of liposuction or plastic to attain a dream. Even beauty contest winners have parts of their bodies they hate or want to change. Maybe it is time to stop the madness and look at a new standard.

Every morning before you do what you do to make yourself fit the mold of your mentor, look into your mirror and say,

I am a child of the King of Kings and I am being transformed into the image of Christ, I am a princess in the kingdom and my Father wants me to do valiant things for Him this day as I am a warrior princess not, a baby doll one.

Psa 45:13 The king's daughter is all glorious within: her clothing is of wrought gold.

Man looks on the outside, but the Holy Spirit is making me glorious within, which is the true beauty my Father sees when He sees me. I am clothed in the Holy Spirit and His covering is more . valuable than gold and will draw more people to me for a much greater benefit for them and me than all the beauty tips of this world.

Though I will shower this morning I shall never be as clean as my soul is having been washed in the blood of my Savior Jesus Christ. Though my attire may be of this world, it is drab and vain compared to the glorious armor He has provided me.

I am going into battle today, not a beauty contest. I am equipped within and without in a beauty this world cannot attain so I shall not listen to the world, the devil or even myself to tell me I am anything less than His beautiful child!

With this knowledge of who I really am I go forth in His victory to live out my calling to rescue the ones imprisoned by the dragon and to inspire the saints to the same.

I am Saint (your name) and I will be victorious in His power and His glory for He is my strength and I am Kingdom beautiful! There is no greater beauty, I shall do valiantly and win souls while tearing down the strongholds of satan, I am His! Beware lies for the Truth is bringing you down! Amen and Amen!

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