Summary: If it does not match up with the Word then whatever you are experiencing or seeing is iniquity.

Is not ironic that God leads us away from materialism yet in some places He is reported to manifest His presence with gold dust and diamonds?

Angels are spiritual beings though they can manifest to haul Lot and his family out of Sodom and cook for Elijah. Yet, in all the manifestations of angels there are only three we definitely know are winged and it is the seraphim that stand before God in Isaiah 6. Unlike birds I do not believe the angels molt. God gives good gifts, but souvenir angel feathers does not fit His pattern in Scripture.

Mysterious oil manifestations are not a new thing as both Hindu and Catholic statutes have been purported to bleed, cry and have oil flow from them. God has used oil throughout the Word and even kept a cruse of oil from running dry, but He never just had it manifest as a sign of His presence. Indeed, He gave a formula for anointing oil, but His people made it.

I cannot see anything like these things anywhere in Scripture. When God is present people repent or are healed and raised from the dead or blinded for a time, like Paul. Provisions are given like water and manna in the desert. While the presence of God is dramatic it is not theatric. He is a supernatural God, not a superfluous one.

Indeed, when the Sanhedrin and Herod wanted miracles, Jesus did not provide them. He promised that a wicked and adulterous generation would want miracles and signs, but would not get them. It should be easy to see that we are in such a generation.

Are the gifts still available? Does God still do miracles? Absolutely, but like the Corinthian church the gifts can be misused. God does miracles but not at 10, 2 and 4 on demand. He is not a part of "Brother Love's travelling salvation show." Indeed, the Spirit need not be released as He moves when and where He wishes, not as we desire. He controls the obedient, but no one controls Him.

There are also many "knock off" gifts abounding today. Remember that Pharaoh's magicians could turn sticks into snakes, but they were fake and Moses's snake ate theirs. We tend to be like crows these days and are attracted to anything shiny bringing back trash to our homes thinking it is treasure when at best it is pyrite. Hence the "all that glitters is not gold" proverb.

The lads and lassies that came before Jesus in Matt 7:21-25 thought they were saved and that signs and wonders they did were of God, but they were not. Their followers also thought these people were true prophets.

Jesus said that in the last days many false prophets would come in His name. There have been people who have claimed to be Jesus or even better than Him. Yet, a name equals authority so many would come invoking His authority affirming it with "signs and wonders" , but it is all iniquity or lawlessness.

Some conversions and healings may just be mimicked. Satan will not cast out satan, but he can maneuver his troops. He can "release" a woman from an issue of blood as he caused it according to Jesus. He can take an alcoholic and "free" him from that but give him a religious spirit and even make a preacher out of him.

Thus, both the healing and conversion testimonies of the woman and man can lead many others under the care of a false shepherd rather than Jesus. Indeed, there are tares even in a church where the Spirit is moving. They may have great testimonies and still be unsaved. There are stories of many in various ministries of the church being saved after thirty or more years of service. Unbiblical Church splits come from carnal Christians and tares.

Seek discernment. Paul said that the Anti-Christ would come with some dazzling signs and wonders that are so good that "if it were possible, it would deceive the very elect." John told us that that many false prophets were already in the world and many anti-Christs so that means many false miracles as well.

There is some "safety" in a cessationist position. If you do not believe that God does stuff like in Acts anymore, you cannot be deceived by a false miracle. Yet, there is no glory in having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof be it the true Gospel or the work of the Spirit that empowers the Word and the Christian for the work of God.

Paul did not say these would be perilous times for nothing. The spiritual danger is far worse than anything. Seek discernment through the Word. If a doctrine, experience, feeling or miracle does not match with it, run from it. Don't toy with it unless you sink into a deep ditch or "trance" that will keep you from the truth and His fellowship. Now unto Him, Who is able to keep us from falling be glory and majesty! Amen!!! Maranatha!

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