Summary: This is message directed to married Christian women who do not have joy in their marriage relationships and are wondering what can they do now?

Evangelist Carolyn Malaika Foster-Brooks




JUNE 2003


Heavenly Father, I prayed years ago to You, asking You to use me according to Your will and plan for my life. Lord I know that there have been times when I have gone astray and was contrary to Your Word and I am sorry for every act of disobedience!

Time and time again, You have had patience with me and allowed me to live through trials and tribulations, heartache and shame, so that I could be broken down to a point of hopelessness within my own ability.

Lord,You have allowed me to see and believe that without You, I could do nothing. You have saved my life and have molded and shaped me into the woman you want me to be, and for all of that God, I want to thank You!

Guide my thoughts God as I prepare this sermon for the good of your lost daughters and sons. Remove me from their minds and allow them to receive You through me, your humble servant.

In the sweet and Holy Name of Jesus, I have prayed.

Amen! And So it is!!

MAIN SCRIPTURE: Psalms 64:10 kjv The righteous shall be glad in the Lord, and shall trust in Him; and all the upright in heart shall glory.



I have learned over the years that it is pointless to get upset and all bent out of shape with worry, plus continuous frustration when your husband sometimes is not the mate you believe they should be. Or if they are not acting the way you want them to.

Many relationships have been entered into with a misconception that once you get married, things are going to change! Well, excuse me. Allow me to correct that previous statement because it is not a misconception! Things and people do change, but we women fool ourselves often into believing that if we take on the identity of a man and assume the role of wife, then we are automatically entitled to ultimate respect and faithfulness!

I can guarantee you that there is not a married woman alive who can look you in your face and tell you in all honesty that her marriage has been all that she ever dreamed it would be since day 1! And if you should come across a Christian woman who is married to a Christian man, and she tells you that they have ALWAYS had a perfect marriage, or they have NEVER argued, then you must be talking to a woman who has memory loss or to a woman whose husband is a deaf-mute!


Because so many of us have suffered because of our own fantasy, enhanced by television, love stories, soap operas and by people not willing to teach us the truth of what the Bible says about men and women, virginity, sex, marriage, adultery and divorce....we have been witness to broken bones and broken homes; hopeless women in prison because they have killed someone they love or women killing themselves because someone they love put them in a prison called "no hope"!

Now some of you might feel uncomfortable right now and might even be hesitant to say Amen for fear that somebody else might think you are in a bad relationship now.

And then, some of you might think that I have a lot of nerve preaching to you about marriage or counseling you on the subject of marriage. Because afterall, I have been divorced twice and married three times. And even now, my third marriage is very shaky!!!

Yes. You are right! I do have a lot of nerve because God gave it to me! And I wish that when I was in the "world" and even a young Christian, that someone spiritual had had the nerve to help me understand how to have innerpeace when you are living in hell.

Perhaps if someone in the church had the nerve to tell the gospel truth to our young women, the church of today would not have the problem of so many failed relationships. Sisters looking for love in all the wrong places, some of which have resulted in pregnancies out of wedlock, or aborted children who will never have a future.

If someone would have the nerve to tell the gospel truth, perhaps domestic violence would not be on the rampage, homicides and suicides could be avoided and many women, especially Christian women, would not lose their self-esteem to verbal and psychological abuse.

I am still talking about, Why Some Christian Women Are Living in Hell? And part of the answer to that is because of the misconceptions about how love and marriage was supposed to work.

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