Summary: Most doctors become doctors to save lives. in the context of BAC the hospital, that should be our focus too, to save lives

BAC the Hospital

Why Do Doctors Become Doctors?


A. If you were not here last week, you missed some very powerful statements that were led from God

B. We introduced the vision that God gave me for Bakerstown Alliance Church

C. That being BAC the Hospital

D. If you were not here last week, let me encourage you to get a copy of the tape, just fill out one of those green forms and we will make a copy for you

E. So with the BAC the Hospital Concept in mind, the question I would like us to look at today is:

F. Why Do Doctors Become Doctors?

G. Survey of 100 doctors top three answers are on the Board

H. If this were family feud the answers would look something like this

a. 7 doctors said it was for the money

b. 8 doctors said it was for the honor

c. 85 doctors said it was to save lives

I. Clearly most people become a doctor to save lives

J. Now if we are thinking in lines of becoming BAC the Hospital, what can we gain from that example?

K. I hope we even a higher % of people wanting to become a “spiritual” doctor to save lives

L. Shouldn’t that be our Goal?

M. Shouldn’t that be our passion?

N. Today we are going to look at

a. How to spot a sick person

b. How to apply first aid

c. How to get the sick to the hospital

d. How much do you care

I. How to Spot a Sick Person

A. Explanation

1. In medical terms how do you tell if someone sick

2. Well that is done through a variety of ways

3. Sometimes you have to run a series of test

4. Other times they will come to you and tell you that they are sick

5. And more often then not you can look at a person and see that they are sick

6. Now in spiritual matter when we are talking about the sick, as we learned last week, sick is another word for sinner, how do we spot a sick person, take a look how Jesus did it

7. In John 4 we have the record of Jesus and the Women at the well

a) Note, it is amazing that this event happen, she was a Samaritan and a women, two reasons most Jewish men would not talk to her

b) He got to know what her sickness was by talking to her

8. Look at Luke 5:17, notice this time the sick came to him and said that he was sick

a) This guys friends got him to Jesus, they were in sense saying he sick do something about it

9. Look at John 9:1 – Jesus saw a blind man and realized he was sick, well that is pretty plain and easy to get isn’t?

a) By just purely opening paying attention to his surroundings he found the sick

B. Application

1. Now let’s take this and apply it to our lives

2. Look, you know what is outside, countless number of people who are sick

3. They come in all shapes and sizes

4. Some of them, much like the lady at the well, may not appear to be sick at first

5. They might seem that they have it all together, but they don’t

6. Some might seek you out, because of the light that you show, they will wonder what you got that they don’t have

7. Some you will just be able to look at them and say “Boy they need Jesus”

8. Our Job, as we said last week, is to find those who need healing

9. This is not the job for just the pastor, this is not just the work of the elders, this is not just a Deaconess job


C. Illustration

1. We did not say that only this group or that group is sick

2. Also notice that Jesus did not focus on one group

3. Jesus would find the sick, Greek, Jew, Samaritan, Male, Female, young, old

4. To Jesus it did not matter, if they were sick, they got treated

5. There are many people in our community that are sick

6. Our Job is to find them

7. Are we doing our job

II. How To Apply First Aid

A. Explanation

1. How many of you have ever taken a first aid course?

2. Most of you that is what I thought

3. In this first aid course you learned what to do

4. You learned the first couple of steps

5. Look, Listen and feel

6. You learned CPR

a) Remember the ABC – Airway Breathe, Compression?

7. You learned how to stabilize the person and get help

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