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Summary: Short evangelistic message given at a target service

Why do I need God?

Story – About 3 weeks ago my fiancé and I were driving down a road known as the Bee Line heading for my home church when I noticed that I had a need. I had a need for gas in my truck. But, I did not do anything about it right then. Well, this road that we were on was made to save time because there are no exists on it like on most highways that have exits for food and gas every five miles. Anyway as we went to make our final turn off of the road I really noticed that I had a need because I ran out of gas and we had to walk a ways to get it… Cheryl was not too happy with me 

Tonight I have a need question for you? Why does anybody need God? This is a question that many people have asked over the years, and I am now asking it of you. Think about it for a moment… You know I am a lot like most of you out there tonight. I am pretty confident in who I am, I am somewhat attractive, I have enough money to eat and every now and then buy something for fun, I have my health, I have some friends and a girlfriend, I am not threatened by anything right now, I am fairly comfortable, yes I go through some hard days but it is nothing that I cannot handle on my own. I have it pretty much all together…

So why do I need God? Why do I need something other than me, myself, and I? Most people in this country believe in God. in fact 90% of the population in the U.S. believes in God, or some god like force or being.

But not that many people actually see a need for God. They think there lives are pretty good as they are and as long as they live a good life and give to the poor and not kill anybody or steal a car or rob a bank, then they will be OK when they die. And most of us in this room right now fit into that category. We are all pretty good people right…? You can understand why I asked my question, why do I need God when I seem to be doing just fine on my own. Well consider this… Right now as we speak there is a family who is giving their son over to a government to go into a public place and blow themselves and a few other people up for money.

Consider that right now people are killing other people because they are a different race than themselves and they are raised to hate that other race of people. Consider that a group of people is planning how they can destroy the freedom we enjoy. Consider that right now a young teenage girl is killing the baby that sits helplessly inside of her. Consider that right now an elderly woman is being abused in a nursing home because she cannot control her bladder.

Consider that at this very second a man is forcing a woman to have sex with him at gunpoint. Consider that an angry father is taking his kids hostage and is in a stand off with the police. Consider that 1 out of 4 people in this room steal. Consider that the truth is no longer the truth; it is just what works for you.

Consider that right now the pornography business is making more money than football, basketball, and baseball combined. Consider that as we speak every one of us has done something in the past week that if it were broadcasted up on this screen it would be more embarrassing than we could imagine. Consider that we all do things that hurt other people, and we all have attitudes that hinder other people at times. To say that we as human beings, and even as Americans have it all together is to be ignorant of the evil that is in the world today. It does not take a great deal of time looking at the news headlines that our world is a messy and dark place. All of us contribute to this, even as innocent as we may think we are, we all are guilty of what God calls sin.

Romans 3:23 “Since all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God…” NRSV

Not just the murders or the bank robbers, but all of us have not met God’s standard. Since we all have sinned, this next verse becomes painfully relevant to why we need God.

Romans 6:23 “For the wages of sin is death…” NRSV

So we all have sinned, and sin equal death… Look around us if you want the proof of that verse, death is everywhere we go!!! In fact, all of us sitting in this room right now have a fatal disease and it is called life… If you are born you are guaranteed only one thing in this life and that is death. This sounds like a pretty gloomy and hopeless situation and if God is not a part of your life then you are right… If death is all that we have to look forward to then I say why wait… But death is not all there is! Even though we are responsible for our sin, and we deserve to die, God changed the course of history and he took on the responsibility. He took it upon his shoulders in the shape of a cross and in the nails that were driven through his Son Jesus hands.

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