Summary: (Romans 2:11) 1.

(Romans 2:11)

1. Have you ever wondered what would happen to us if God were not impartial? We live in a day when special interests are constantly seeking preferential treatment for a particular group and individual. Many people around the world suffer because of biased treatment given to some on the basis of their ethnic preference, gender bias, religious prejudice, or socio-economic class discrimination. Fortunately, Paul teaches us in this passage about God’s perfect impartiality that rises above any hint of favoritism. Only God is able to help us rise above our sinful preferences to become impartial in our dealings with others. It is the Lord’s impartiality that helps us become less judgmental, inclusive and parochial in our attitudes toward those who need Christ. The great apostle advocates God’s impartiality in a context where bribes, corruption and favoritism were the rule of the day inside and outside of religious circles. Thankfully, God’s impartiality pricks the conscience of every person so that they can reflect His righteous attribute. Ask the Lord to help you exhibit more of His impartial views in your relationships, attitudes and ministry behavior.

2. Paul teaches us how God’s impartiality is superior to any idolatrous belief associated with unfairness, injustice or favoritism. Many people live in fear if they do not give preferential homage to the gods of money, sports or beauty. Certain hate groups rally around their biases against certain ethnic groups. Too many young persons have been led into a life of misery because they believed others would accept them if they joined their special clique or group. When we emulate God’s impartial views about the equality of everyone we will feel less fear and greater freedom. Ask the Lord to help you let God’s impartial attitudes free you from fear and give you greater independence from peer pressures.

3. Paul teaches that God’s impartiality provides us assurance that justice will be done. Too many people spend time trying to prove themselves right when God is ready and able to fight their battles of injustice for them. Ask the Lord to help you learn how to fight the good fight of faith for God’s justice instead of your own.

4. Paul knew how to rebuke people who erred on the side of favoritism. The Jews were used to thinking of themselves as special in the eyes of God until Paul taught that God was just as interested in the salvation of the Gentiles. This thought of losing their special position as the people of God angered the Jews, but it needed to be addressed. Ask the Lord to help you know how to confront those who habitually use preferential treatment for their own advantage at the expense of others welfare.

5. Paul teaches that God’s impartiality is demonstrated in the way He judges and dispenses His rewards. There is one Bible that the Lord uses to judge and reward all men. There are no special secrets that are hidden for certain persons in the work of His kingdom and righteousness. Ask the Lord to help you avoid trying to run ahead of God. Trust the Lord to help you let the Bible and God judge and reward according to His impartial objectivity.

6. Paul teaches that God provides opportunities and enlightenment according to His plan and will judge on that basis. God is a righteous Lord who justly meets out decisions with perfect justice void of any partiality. Christ died for all men and not for any particular group. Ask the Lord to help you realize that men’s partiality may be responsible for some uneven distribution of the gospel’s ministries around the world. Seek to correct that wrong. Ask God for forgiveness for any trace of pride, prejudice, or ethnocentrism. Trust the Lord to help you remember that those who are treated with disfavor by men are often more responsive to the impartial love and truth of our righteous God.

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