Summary: Its not enough to just know that you are pro-life. You must understand WHY you are pro-life. This sermon gives three reasons that the author is prolife.

1. Illus. of “no chandeliers”

• Church wanted to get some new lights for sanctuary

• One man stood up and said “I’m against it, we don’t need any chandeliers. Don’t have anybody that can play one, what we need is some lights in this place!”

2. The abortion rights crowd accuses us of being like that man. All pro-lifers are just backwoods hicks that are against abortion because they really just don’t know any better. They say we don’t understand the issues, that we really haven’t thought it out, that we are against it just because we have been told we are supposed to be against it.

3. And do you know what? Sometimes they are right! If a person came to you today and said “I’m scheduled for an abortion in one hour. I’ll give you 15 minutes to tell me why I shouldn’t go through with this.” Would you be able to tell her why you think abortion is wrong? If a teenager came to you and said “I have to defend the pro-life position in a paper I’m writing, can you tell me why you are pro-life and why I should be too? By the way, our teacher won’t accept ‘just because’, so we have to give reasons with arguments to back them up.” would you be able to answer her? If your answer was “no” to either of these questions. Listen carefully today.

4. I want to share with you three reasons why I personally believe abortion is wrong, three reasons why I am unapologetically pro-life.


1. At some point in our life, all of us decide on a source of authority which will tell us what to believe and how to behave:

• Logic- “this makes sense to me.”

• Intuition- new-agers “this seems right to me.”

• Consensus- this is what everybody else is doing and believing, so it must be so.

• Scripture-If you are a Christian, the standard for our belief and behavior must be the Word of God.

2. What does the Bible tell us about life in the womb? It tells us that:

 Life begins at conception- Matthew 1:18-23a. Mary was not with fetus, not with pre-viable life form. Long before quickening, brain waves, first independent breath, the Bible calls what Mary carried within her a “child.”

 God makes that life- Psalms 139: 13-15. God is in charge of the miracle of conception and birth, not man. We are playing God when we decide to end a life prematurely.

 God has a plan for every unborn babies life- Psalm 139:16. This includes who he/she will be, what he/she will do, when he/she will die. Abortion short-circuits God’s plan for that life. Perhaps that aborted child would have been the medical researcher that found a cure for cancer, or the next Nobel Prize winner, or the fireman who would have rescued your grandchild.

3. What says the scripture? That God is the author of life, and that the hour of our death lies in His hands. No matter how we rationalize it or pretty it up, abortion kills that which God created and gave life!


1. When you look at all the arguments the abortion rights crowd use to rationalize abortion, none of them make any logical sense.

2. "Abortion is legal, therefore it is moral as well."

• Teenagers in New Jersey got pregnant. Concealed it from almost all.

• Went to hotel with boyfriend, gave birth, bashed babies head in and threw body in trash.

• Caught and tried for murder, and rightfully so.

• But! What if a doctor had done it, and not a teenager? What is the babies head had been crushed inside the birth canal, and not after the babies head had left the canal? What if it had been a clinic and not a hotel room? In that case, what these teens did would ahve been perfectly legal!

• When an abortion doctor leaves babies head in birth canal, jammed scissors into skull, vacuumed brains and crushed skull it would have been legal! That’s what happens in partial birth abortion, and it is perfectly legal here in our state.

• If the abortion rights people are right in their presuppositions, then these teenagers aren’t guilty of murder, just poor timing.

• Partial birth abortion may be legal, but you will never convince me it is logical or moral!

3. "abortion of unwanted babies prevents future child abuse"

• abortion by saline, d & c, or partial birth is the ultimate form of child abuse. It is a horrible way to die, no matter what anyone tells you contrary to that.

• Not only that, but if the “unwanted child” argument was true, then there should have been a sharp decline in cases of abuse… but that isn’t what has happened.

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