Summary: Immorality is at epidemic level in our nation. Moral men need to look at Davi’s life and understand that there are times when even moral men are more susceptible to temptation in this area.

1. Illus. of virus

• Normally I don’t get all the little bugs that come through town.

• On one occasion, I was overworked and run down. I picked up a bug that I otherwise would not have picked up.

• When your immune system is compromised, you become susceptible to things you normally wouldn’t have to worry about.

2. The same thing can happen spiritually. Certain life events can compromise our spiritual immune system, making us susceptible to temptations that normally wouldn’t bother us. This is especially true in the area of our sexuality.

3. How is it that a good hearted, moral man sometimes falls into immorality? I not talking about the sexual predator whose life is a series of immoral incidents. That man is looking for his next conquest, and it will just be a matter of time until he finds it. I’m talking about that man who loves his wife and loves his God, but in that “moment of maybe” gives in instead of resisting.

4. We’re all familiar with David’s fall into immorality. What we are not so familiar with are the events prior to that fall that made him susceptible. Don’t misunderstand me: David made a sinful choice in a moment of temptation. However, had these other events not weakened his spiritual immune system, David might have said no in his moment of maybe.

5. Today: There are life events that make men more susceptible to moral temptation. Men who are committed to sexual faithfulness need to be aware of these life events so that they can additional precautions.

6. What are these life events?


1. See II Samuel 6:12b-16, 20-23 She despised David, and after she ridiculed David, he despised her as well. To show you how deep this rift was, look at vs 23. Some believe that this was a supernatural judgment from God. The most likely explanation is that she didn’t have children because she and David didn’t sleep together any more!

2. When your marriage is troubled, when you and your wife are not getting along as well as you should, it makes you more susceptible to moral temptation.

3. Illus. of “John”

• “Pastor, I’ve blown it. I’ve destroyed my marriage.”

• When I asked how this could happen, he said, “Wife and I fight all the time. Not big blowouts, but little irritating disagreements. Then I met a woman at work who liked everything about me. The next thing I knew, I had given in to moral temptation!”

4. One additional point: Most women enter affairs because of a need for affection and attention. Most men enter affairs for a far simpler reason: l-u-s-t! Guys, if your marital problems have degenerated to the point that they are affecting things in the bedroom, look out! You are at risk!

5. Guys, are things a little rocky at home right now? Beware: Satan will place an attractive young woman in your path who will think you are the most wonderful man in the world! Don’t be surprised, be on guard!


1. See II. Samuel 7:5, 12-13. David’s lifelong ambition had been to build a temple for God. Now in his middle years, David had the time and the resources to do so. God sent word through Nathan and said, “David your son will build my house, but not you.”

2. Young men have dreams of hitchhiking across the USA, or of becoming a millionaire, or of rising to a place of prominence and power, or of living on an island somewhere. They are young, and if they don’t realize those dreams today its OK because there’s always tomorrow. One day they hit middle age and realize, “I’m not young anymore, and these dreams are never going to happen. What I am right now is what I will be the rest of my life.”

3. Illus. of sign in rural North Carolina

• Unpaved dirt roads that go for miles in rural backwoods areas.

• Sign that said, “Choose your rut carefully. You’ll be in it for the next 30 miles!”

• Men sometimes reach middle age and think, “I’m never going to do those things I dreamed about when I was young. I’m caught in this rut and I’m never going to get out of it.

4. When men reach that point they sometimes do crazy things to try to cope. They change jobs, or they buy a convertible, or they dye their hair, or they flirt with that young divorcee at work. If she should flirt back, in that moment of maybe they find themselves thinking, “why not? This might be my last chance to get out of this rut.”

5. Guys, are you at that place in life? Watch out- you are susceptible to moral temptation.

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