Summary: The Magi gave unique & unusual gifts to Jesus. They were demonstrating a prophetic understanding of Who Jesus was and the reason He came - Gold - Jesus was the King, Frankincense - Jesus was God, and Myrrh - Jesus was the Lamb of God, Who would die for t

The wise men came with a specific purpose to worship Jesus. We will look at three lessons we can learn from this passage, especially on worship.

1. Worship is faith-full

2. Worship is sacrificial

3. Worship is obedient

1. Worship is faith-full

Notice the nature of the journey they took. We know they are Magi, meaning magician. Those days the term had a different meaning though. These were the scholars of their day, who understood the ancient wisdom.

There is an ancient tradition that believes the beginning of the Magi was actually Daniel. While he was in Babylon, he began an order of scholars, who studied the stars and dreams and their meaning. We do not know if this is true though.

We do not know where these Magi’s came from, or how many of them were there or how long it took for them to travel to Jerusalem. All we know about them is what they did from the time they arrived in Jerusalem to the time they left by another route.

As they were preparing for the journey, they must have been asked,

“Where are you going?”

“Well, we do not really know.”

And so, the follow-up question, “Do you know how long it is going to take there? When are you going to get back?”

“Well, we do not really know.”

It seems to me for wise men, they did not know much. All that they knew is that they had a sign from God that the King of Israel was born. They had so little information to go on, which most of us would have ignored. They were willing to go on a very expensive, dangerous, and a difficult journey.

This is an extra-ordinary step of faith just like Abraham. God told Abraham to go, and he went, without knowing where he was going. And because of the step of faith, God blessed all nations of the world through him. Because of Abraham, Jesus was born.


If you are going to worship God in Spirit and in truth, it begins with a step of faith.

You may not know everything about God, but as you take the step of faith and worship Him in Spirit and in truth, in the process you will learn quite a lot of who God is.

Faith and worship is not based on where you put your hands. Some worship leaders think that if you do not put your hands up in a certain position, you are not worshipping. I like to say, worship that is based on faith is not based on the position of your hand, but based on where your feet are. In other words, if God tells you to go, you go, even if you do not understand it and does not have a logical explanation.

You could rationalize your way out of all kinds of obedience, but these wise men did not. They took a step of faith.


Can you make statements like these wise men?

They went to Herod to find out about this new born King. They followed the sign and went where it was logical for them to go. The Prophecy said He was going to be born in Bethlehem, but beyond that they did not know anything. And when they come, they asked them, “Where is He who has been born the King of the Jews?” They did not ask, “Where is the King born or have you heard about Him?” There was no shadow of doubt; they knew for sure that the King of the Jews had been born. Their question was not “Has He been born?” but “Where is He?” i.e., we know He has been born, because we have faith.

Do you have that kind of faith? That you know in the depths of your heart that Jesus is Who He claims Himself to be in the Bible? Are you willing to take a step of faith to do something He calls you to do – leaving your comfort, security, the position and prestige you have and go to a place of no reputation? Where are you willing to go in order to worship the only begotten Son of God?

2. Worship is sacrificial

These men not only took a step of faith but also a step of sacrifice. Those days travel was expensive. We do not know how many Magi’s were there. We know they were leaving their jobs, families and whatever they were doing, and were willing to pay the price. They were willing to sacrifice their time.

The gifts they brought were very expensive. For them, worship meant sacrifice. They could not worship without giving.


At the church I used to go to, they had the bulletin in which they outlined the order of service. It was not like the ones how other churches had with hymn numbers, message, and names of the people who are at the door or reading the passage, etc. Instead the program said, “We worship in song. We worship in giving. Worship opportunities during the week…etc.” This was how the announcements section was. We worship in the study of God’s Word. We worship in prayer. In other words, it is a worship service and every aspect of service is intended to worship.

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