Summary: In Heaven, worship takes on the divine character.

The Unveiling - Revelation

Worship-Heaven’s Way

Jerry Watts

Revelation 5:8-14

* Picture an acorn or a pecan with me. They both come from trees which are beautiful and large. In order for a tree to be formed, it is required that the fruit (acorn or pecan) die to itself. Most pecans just lay on the top of the ground, gathered by animals or humans, devoured, and that is it the end of it. But the pecan that has a long heritage is that one which is buried ‘in’ the ground and dies to itself. Once the pecan is buried, it then dies, and working with the soil, the hard exterior begins to soften and decay and new life springs forth. The new life forms a new tree which gives its fruit for years to come (up to 300 years). This is only possible by one pecan giving up its life for the new tree to be born.

* In John 12:24 Jesus says, “Unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains by itself. But if it died, it produces a large crop.” Jesus is using an agricultural illustration to teach a spiritual lesson. He calls us to die to ourselves. Some of us need to find a place to be alone with God & die to ourselves.

* If we ever really die to ourselves, it will be evident in our daily lives, our family life, and in our worship. Worship is a hot topic. The amazing thing to me is that many want to ‘lead it’ while few really know what ‘it is.’ I submit we are kind of like the Children of Israel waiting on Moses to come off of Sinai; we have made our own God.

* Exodus 32 reveals a sad day in the life of the Hebrew children and is almost prophetic about us today. HOWEVER, in Revelation 4 we discover “Worship-Heaven’s Way.” As we read this scripture, we will discover that all the worshippers have one thing on their mind & that is giving awe to THE ONE, Jesus – The Lord & Lamb. (Read)

1. A Song –Yes, this service began with a song. It had no style. It was not an old song, scripture says, it is a “NEW SONG.” The content & the intent of this song overshadow what we THINK important! This song seems to have 3 short verses to it.

a. Of Worthiness – Not ‘our’ worthiness, but His. “You are worthy to take the scroll & you to open its seals.” Why? “Because You were slaughtered.” It is interesting that even Jesus is worthy ‘because’ of Calvary. Ascribing worth to Jesus is an act of worship.

* In fact, it should be our first act of worship. No other song should be sung until with voices, hearts, and soul, attention is given to Jesus. He is the Lion, He is the Lamb, and He is the Lord.

b. Of Work – Here is His work; “You redeemed people for God by your blood.” Jesus is our redeemer. He is worthy because by His death & blood, He has redeemed us. To redeem is to turn something of no worth in to a precious possession. Once again in the throne room, attention goes to the cross because it was by the cross of sin-sick lives are redeemed, restored, and revived! This is a reason to sing!

c. Of Witness – A witness is one who can tell out of their experience! From every tribe, language, people, and nation come a redeemed people who are now HIS Kingdom & HIS priest and will REIGN with Him. People (who had no hope) are made rulers through His eternal work from the cross in their lives! All the room SINGS!

* In college, I was a part of a contemporary Christian group which sang to all types of audiences. One of the most fun & up-lifting groups to sing to was ‘new-believers’. They still had the wonder.

2. A Shout – Would you cooperate with me and say something for me – “Jesus.” Last week, Dr. Daniel Simmons ended his message with these words, “I double dog dare you to get your people to SHOUT Jesus this week.” We do not shout His name enough. He is the Lion of Judah, He is the Lamb slain, & He is the Lord of Glory; HE is all of these & HE TOOK YOUR SINS so that you might be able to be found in the throne room – excuse me – but it’s worth a shout!

a. Of Identity – Two times in verses 12-13, Jesus is called the ‘Lamb’ and they were SHOUTING about it! Why are they shouting about a lamb? Because the lamb had to lay down His life for sin & when the lamb died the sinner didn’t have to. Jesus is the Lamb, He is the sacrifice, and because He died – you don’t have to! They knew who they were shouting for!

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